State of the Nation 2017: Should hoteliers in Spain be preparing for a new golden age of tourism?


If there was a vintage year for Spanish tourism, 2016 was it.

Statistics from the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (National Statistics Institute) show record numbers of tourists descended on Spanish hotspots for the sixth year running.

From Catalonia to the Canary Islands and everywhere in between, the number of visitors to Spain in the last 12 months has increased more than 10%.

This SiteMinder report takes a visual look at the popularity of Spain as a tourism destination demonstrating why Spanish hoteliers should be preparing for a new golden era in attracting guests.

Chapters include:

  • A vintage year for Spanish tourism…
  • Barcelona and Madrid lead the growth…
  • Travel intentions for Spain are high…
  • Wellness is a top attraction in 2017…
  • What makes Spanish tourism so successful?

Download it now to learn why you should be focused on attracting, reaching, and converting travellers from all over the world.

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