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Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

The 531 room, 5 star luxury Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is stunningly situated overlooking the majestic Sydney Harbour and is the largest Four Seasons hotel in the group of 84 properties worldwide. Four Seasons Sydney uses the SiteMinder Channel Manager which integrates 2-way with their OPERA PMS.

A dynamic environment allowed for online bookings growth

The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney’s unique operating environment has allowed it to adopt systems and procedures to gain market advantage over its competitors. The hotel recognised the importance of online channels in the current booking landscape and decided to implement the SiteMinder Channel Manager to facilitate effective management of these channels.

Director of Revenue Management for the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Caroline Boogaerts, says, “Every minute of every day we are looking at ways to maximise our rates and online inventory and the SiteMinder Channel Manager helps us in a number of different ways.”

SiteMinder’s unique pooled inventory model allows the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney to have all available inventory and rates showing across all sites all of the time. The SiteMinder system automatically adjusts inventory when a booking occurs across any site. “This had immediate advantages to optimise revenue potential versus the prior ‘set it and forget it’ setup that left us at a competitive disadvantage most of the time. We now have less manual work and there’s less risk. Our sellout and sales strategy is always fulfilled,” Ms Boogaerts says.

“Every minute of every day we are looking at ways to maximise our rates and online inventory and the SiteMinder Channel Manager helps us in a number of different ways.”


Integration makes it a whole lot easier

It quickly became apparent, however, that the increasing number of online bookings was causing a higher workload on the reservation department. “Our reservation staff on average took 3-4 minutes per reservation to enter,” stated Ms. Boogaerts. It was around this stage in 2009 that SiteMinder announced it’s complete 2-way integration to MICROS-Fidelio’s OPERA PMS. The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney decided that implementing the integration was the most cost effective way of distributing their rooms online, due to SiteMinder’s pricing model of a fl at monthly rate as opposed to a reservation delivery fee. This full 2-way integration provided a dramatic reduction in the time it previously took to  manually key in reservation emails. “Now with our systems all linked, reservation delivery is instant. This reduces the risk of human error and over bookings,” says Ms. Boogaerts. “It’s not efficient to manually key in reservation emails, now with the interface it’s more time we can spend focusing on the future, selling, and setting the right strategies.”

Rate parity

“SiteMinder SiteMinder’s ability to interface with the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney’s OPERA’s PMS means that achieving rate parity has become easy. Any changes the hotel makes to it’s rates in the OPERA PMS are instantly reflected on booking websites which is highly important for a prestigious brand such as Four Seasons.

“It is vital for all sites to have rate parity as rate integrity is paramount. This interface is the key. If you have a tool and system to make that happen for you automatically then it’s a great benefit,” says Ms. Boogaerts. “This automated set up also reduces the risk of manual errors as it is live data.”

“It’s not efficient to manually key in reservation emails, now with the interface it’s more time we can spend focusing on the future, selling, and setting the right strategies.”

Reaching new markets with more channels

With a fully integrated distribution solution in operation, Ms. Boogaerts sees this as the perfect opportunity to increase the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney’s online exposure. Ms. Boogaerts highlights, ”The need to compete in this market and show value while enticing guests to book in the luxury segment is always a challenge. We had to change our mind set and engage more with the online channels. We are particularly focused on business growing from the Asian markets and the emerging Asian online partners. The SiteMinder Channel Manager two-way integration now gives us that flexibility to explore and engage with confidence.”

With SiteMinder also bringing a number of the world’s biggest wholesalers into its 2-way distribution platform, the future is bright for the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.