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Wonderstone Glacier enhances guest experience and operations with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 2/04/2024

Wonderstone Glacier, a boutique hotel nestled 20 miles from Glacier National Park in Colombia Falls, Montana, prides itself on offering a unique guest experience amidst breathtaking natural surroundings. With a focus on modern aesthetics and seamless service, Wonderstone Glacier caters primarily to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers visiting the renowned national park.

Challenges before SiteMinder

Before integrating SiteMinder into its operations, Wonderstone Glacier encountered difficulties in expanding its reach through online travel agencies (OTAs). The hotel aimed to connect with a wider array of OTA platforms, including smaller players, to maximise its visibility and bookings. However, managing these smaller OTAs posed significant challenges, since they lacked the efficiency and professionalism of established platforms like and Expedia. 

Clayton Myett, the General Manager, expressed frustration with outdated PMS systems and traditional channel managers, highlighting the need for a solution that seamlessly merged hotel management expertise with modern software engineering.

“SiteMinder is an obvious example of a platform which knows what its doing in both spheres and built something from the ground up.”

Wonderstone Glacier

Adopting SiteMinder’s platform

Upon implementing SiteMinder, Wonderstone Glacier experienced a transformative shift in its operations. Clayton Myett lauded SiteMinder for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities, which drastically reduced the hotel’s workload and streamlined the booking process.

With SiteMinder’s support, Clayton emphasised the ease of setting up new OTA channels and the efficient management of reservations across various platforms. Furthermore, SiteMinder’s robust customer support emerged as a crucial asset, providing prompt assistance and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

“SiteMinder made it way easier to work with smaller OTAs, allowing us to connect quickly and efficiently.”

The adoption of SiteMinder yielded tangible benefits for Wonderstone Glacier, including increased efficiency, time savings, and enhanced revenue generation. Clayton noted significant time savings in automating processes, allowing the hotel staff to focus more on delivering personalised guest experiences rather than administrative tasks.

Moreover, during a period of renovation and rebranding, SiteMinder proved instrumental in maintaining booking momentum and facilitating a smooth transition for the hotel.

Impact on revenue and market struggles

Wonderstone Glacier witnessed a notable uptick in bookings and revenue following the implementation of SiteMinder.

Clayton affirmed that SiteMinder played a pivotal role in navigating market challenges and supporting the hotel through periods of transition and growth. The platform’s reliability and efficiency helped mitigate disruptions and ensured continued business success.

“Anyone who’s using any kind of legacy software should absolutely switch to SiteMinder immediately to save themselves a huge headache.”

24/7 customer support

Clayton Myett praised SiteMinder’s customer support, rating it five out of five stars for its expertise and responsiveness. He emphasised the platform’s suitability for all hoteliers, particularly those grappling with legacy software or seeking to enhance operational efficiency through technology. 

As Wonderstone Glacier endeavors to minimise human error and optimise automation, SiteMinder emerges as a vital ally in achieving these objectives and maintaining competitiveness in the hospitality landscape.

By leveraging SiteMinder’s innovative solutions, the hotel successfully navigated market challenges, streamlined operations, and unlocked new revenue streams. SiteMinder remains an indispensable partner in realising its vision of hospitality excellence amidst the majestic backdrop of Glacier National Park.

Thank you Clayton and keep up the great work at Wonderstone Glacier!


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