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The new guest booking journey: The hotel tech you need to engage at every stage

In this free SiteMinder webinar, we look at the new guest booking journey and the technology available to help attract, reach, and convert guests every step of the way.

We’ll give you tips, tricks and solid business advice to stay one step ahead of your competition as your guests navigate their booking journey, covering:

  • Dreaming – because travelers love to dream about their next trip
  • Planning – because travelers rely on the online world to research
  • Booking – because travelers are increasingly booking hotels online
  • Experiencing – because travelers are more connected than ever
  • Sharing – because travelers are inspiring others to dream too



Date:  Thursday, May 10, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM CDT


Join us as we take you from start to finish and help you understand the everyday technology you need at your hotel.

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