Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents are a powerful and necessary distribution method for your hotel. Making smart decisions about OTAs will help the prosperity of your hotel business.

See our blog posts or our eBook for more information about how OTAs can improve your hotel distribution.

Fast-forward to 2017: What will the global hotel industry look like?

The global hotel industry has evolved continuously of late and there’s a lot more change to come, according to a new report outlining the key shifts we can expect over the next two years.


State of the Nation: Independent hotels in Europe must adapt to attract new guests in 2016

Independent hotels in Europe must find new ways to attract customers during 2016 in order to survive. This SiteMinder blog features exclusive hotel industry research from Phocuswright.

Hotel data knowledge + visibility: Why you should understand these essential metrics for your hotel

Understanding hotel data is key to making sure you’re attracting, reaching, and converting global guests. Here’s why you should understand the essential metrics…

The Global Analysis: What did the leaders of SiteMinder say about the Top 10 Booking Sites of 2015?

SiteMinder has revealed 2015’s top 10 booking sites for hotels around the world, with topping the list in every country. So what did the leaders of SiteMinder say about those channels making the lists?

5 important US hotel and travel trends with the power to shape 2016

SiteMinder recently partnered with the California Hotel and Lodging Association to discuss five important US hotel and travel trends that have the power to shape 2016.

Marketing your hotel: 5 key things to understand about working with online and offline channels

When it comes to marketing your hotel combining the power of online and offline channels is key. Here are 5 key things to understand about working with them…

What are the three types of strong online presence that your hotel needs in 2016?

With increasingly connected and mobile guests, hotels are finding it important to adapt in order to maintain and grow their market share. Here are the three types of strong online presence that your hotel needs online in 2016…

How independent hotels are benefitting from Spain’s record-breaking tourist numbers

Tourism is playing a crucial role in Spain’s economic recovery. This SiteMinder blog looks at how independent hotels in Spain can maximise their online bookings in 2016…

State of the Nation: Why independent hotels in the US need to invest in smarter hotel management technology

The Phocuswright and h2c’s recent Independent Lodging Market Report, co-sponsored by SiteMinder revealed some interesting statistics focused on independent hotels in the US. Here’s how they are performing…

Hotel bookings: Research shows two major booking behaviour changes rising among guests

This SiteMinder blog explores new findings from Sojern showing that two major changes are occurring when it comes to the booking patterns of hotel guests.

Why the online bookings power shift is more manageable than hotels think

Online distribution is growing at a faster pace than the entire travel market. So how can your hotel take control of your online bookings destiny and capitalise on the ever-growing user economy?

Why jumping on the discounting treadmill won’t get your hotel bookings in shape

When your hotel is faced with empty hotel beds, it can be tempting to slash prices and discount room rates to compete. But a new report from Skift and SiteMinder is urging hoteliers not to give in to temptation.

By the numbers: Strong growth in global tourism is a positive sign for the rest of 2015

The global tourism industry will show annual growth for the fifth consecutive year. This SiteMinder blog looks at where those travellers visited globally.

10 things you should understand about working with TripConnect instant booking

This SiteMinder blog answers some key questions about working with TripConnect instant booking. How does it work? What does it cost? Is your hotel eligible?

How hotels in South-East Asia use direct bookings to swing through online distribution

In his first blog since SiteMinder’s acquisition of Globekey, GM Gregor Vogel explores direct bookings within South-East Asia’s ever-changing hotel sector.

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