Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents are a powerful and necessary distribution method for your hotel. Making smart decisions about OTAs will help the prosperity of your hotel business.

See our blog posts or our eBook for more information about how OTAs can improve your hotel distribution.

The Great Power Shift: Are you engaging the empowered holidaymaker?

What influences holidaymakers when they book? Is it the hotel’s reputation or is price the deciding factor? This SiteMinder blog explores these questions.

Why your hotel can’t afford to overlook these emerging economies

China is crucial in the emerging economies category. But while it presents opportunities for hotels, there are other countries that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why it’s time to stop the Chinese travel fascination and start capitalising

Opportunities presented by the world’s largest tourism market are huge. SiteMinder looks at how and why you should be capitalising on Chinese travellers.

How hotels can take control of the Internet economy

The Internet economy’s a massive opportunity. SiteMinder’s VP Marketing discusses how hotels can take control to attract, reach and convert guests globally.

How to store, track and promote your hotel inventory effectively – part 2 of 2

Learn how to bring your technological and human resources together to help maximise your hotel inventory yield through more targeted marketing opportunities.

How to store, track and promote your hotel inventory effectively – part 1 of 2

Your hotel’s inventory is its greatest asset and represents a major part of your investment. Hotels that have mastered the art of inventory management are seeing big benefits to their bottom line.

10 booking sites that generated the greatest revenue for 14,000 hotels in 2014

The top 10 booking sites for SiteMinder customers in 2014, based on gross booking revenue facilitated by the company’s best-in-class distribution products.

4 top tips for lowering your hotel distribution costs, commissions and overheads

Learn how to stay one step ahead of the game to effectively reach your guests and retain them – 4 tips for lowering your hotel distribution costs.

Why hotels need direct access to China’s booming travel market

China’s online travel market hit $10 billion in 2014’s second quarter. Add online distribution & booking technologies to directly reach China’s travellers.

Reach business travellers where they are – 3.3 nights a week

A list of new concepts and business models to match the demands of the modern business traveller, who is looking for quality, luxury and speed above all.

What your guests really want to see when booking hotel rooms

A clever list on what guests are really looking for when booking a hotel online. Excellent booking experience, luxury accommodation, great customer service may lead to hotel success.

Catering to the sophisticated traveller: Why all hoteliers work for a luxury hotel – Part 2 of 2

There has been a global shift, and it’s a drastic one. Part 2 of this blog showcases exactly how hoteliers can cater to the sophisticated traveller.

Catering to the sophisticated traveller: Why all hoteliers work for a luxury hotel – Part 1 of 2

International travellers are now spending more and expecting more. Find out why catering to the sophisticated traveller is now a must for today’s hoteliers.

Top things to consider when choosing the right technology platform for your hotel

Check out three different properties, the challenges they faced before implementing their chosen platform and the results gained after implementation.

How hotel channel management tools can change your business

Hotel channel management solutions not only help manage multiple OTAs but improve efficiencies and boost revenue. Here’s how to use them…

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