How to stop your hotel marketing strategies becoming stale

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Hotel refreshes their marketing strategies

There are some proven hotel marketing strategies that can always be relied upon to deliver results, but in today’s age of digital media it’s important to constantly rotate new techniques into your hotel advertising campaigns.

Here are a few ways you can strike a healthy balance within your own marketing strategies so you can keep the guests flooding through your doors:

What are the techniques for adding variety to traditional hotel marketing strategies?

It’s important to always mix things up. Variety keeps it interesting for both you and your audience. Here are some examples:

Use video and live feeds to engage your prospective guests

During the infancy of most social media platforms, photographs reigned supreme. Today however, users are more interested in videos and live streaming. Make sure you’re using video as often as possible within your hotel’s social media marketing strategy. This will help you attract the attention of your target market segments, and also keep them engaged with your brand for longer.

Collect data and use it to personalise your hotel marketing campaigns

Big data drives big results, and an increasing number of travellers are expecting a personalised experience with the hotel brand they choose for their next trip. When you have information about a consumer that gives you more insight into their personality, you will be able to create a hotel marketing strategy that’s specifically aimed at them. Deliver automated emails offering promotions that will fit their needs and encourage them to book, or create social content they’ll be likely to share to their own friends and followers.

Develop a mobile app to encourage direct bookings and boost customer loyalty

Even if you have a mobile-friendly website, a mobile app can help increase user engagement with your brand. Your app could offer additional incentives, such as the ability to select a specific room prior to arrival or the opportunity to order room service from a smartphone or tablet device.

Striking a healthy balance in your marketing campaigns can keep guest flooding in.

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How to try something new: Trending hotel marketing strategies to consider

When you try new things you might be surprised by what works. New strategies won’t always pay off but some will be perfect for your business. Here’s what you can do:

Use virtual reality technology to provide guests with a ‘try before you buy’ experience

Virtual reality technology is quickly taking hold in the travel industry, so it’s important for hoteliers to recognise this trend as early as possible. With virtual reality tours, you can provide prospective guests with an immersive glimpse into the rooms within your hotel and the amenities that you have on site. They can actually experience your hotel before they even book their room.

Consider investing in ‘moment marketing’

Real-time marketing can deliver big-time results, and the travel industry has a particular advantage in this sector. Hotel operators know when their guests will be arriving or when travellers will be in their destination. They can use this valuable information to launch micro-moment marketing campaigns that will drive last-minute bookings and help sell-out the property. Read more on micro-moments in our blog here.

Launch a content marketing campaign to generate buzz about your brand

Content marketing is an incredibly effective way to promote your brand, but you will want to get creative when it comes to posting and sharing content. Unique ideas include creating a local destination guide, publishing biographies of staff members, and highlighting special guest stories.

In an age when new technology is constantly reinventing the wheel, it’s critical hotel operators create marketing strategies that can be relied upon to deliver results but that also have the potential to be exciting, invigorating and fresh.

Your hotel advertising needs to generate buzz among your target market, while also attracting the attention of travellers who may not have considered your property before.

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