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Your hotel will suffer without a positive sales approach and optimised marketing strategy. Make sure your hotel is the one that’s standing out.

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Revenue Management Skills: Are you fully optimising your hotel’s pricing strategy?

What key tactics should you be executing to ensure your hotel’s pricing strategy is up to scratch? Here’s your to-do list…

2017 hotel trends

UK hotel industry trends: What is the forecast for 2017?

2017 hotel trends in the UK are looking solid without being spectacular and hoteliers should maintain a cautious approach as some changes continue to take effect.

Are metasearch sites gaining ground on OTAs?

Are metasearch sites gaining ground on OTAs?

Metasearch sites – in particular, Google – are gaining ground on OTAs, and innovating in the process. This blog explores their growth.

Revenue Management Advice: 5 simple tips for increasing your hotel’s average daily rate

The average daily rate (ADR) is a key performance indicator that hotels use to track success over a specific length of time. Here’s how to increase yours.

The Global Staycation Trend: How can independent hotels secure domestic bookings?

More travellers are taking a staycation to save time and money. Here are 4 tips on how independent hotels can secure domestic bookings…

5 simple ways to capitalise on events near your hotel and boost revenue

There are many ways you can use an event to adjust your revenue strategy and improve the popularity of your hotel. Check out out tips…

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in September

With so much hotel industry news taking place every month, it’s hard to keep track. SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to fill you in for September…

9 interesting things we learned about the path to purchase for British travellers

Hotel booking trends: 9 interesting things we learned about the path to purchase for British travellers

A new report from Expedia Media Solutions and comScore has uncovered some fascinating insights into the path British travellers take to purchase and the resources they interact with along the various stages of their hotel booking experience. This SiteMinder blog explores the research…

The right way to attract business travellers to your hotel

Business travellers are an important market segment for hoteliers, because they are frequently jet-setting across the globe for work. So how can you start to attract this lucrative segment?

You’re spending more on marketing your hotel, but where is it going?

Research from Phocuswright shows that hoteliers are spending more on their marketing – but where is that money going? This exclusive blog from SiteMinder looks at the figures…

How to start using Google Hotel Ads to market your property

Google Hotel Ads is a great way for hotels to attract and convert today’s travelers. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Independent Hotelier’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want your independent hotel to rank first on Google? Download this FREE eBook to learn about how you can use SEO to attract and convert today’s travellers.

Online Reputation Management: Insights from VP EMEA of Revinate, Maarten Plesmen

We were fortunate enough speak to Maarten Plesman, Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Revinate, about online reputation and email marketing.

Increase hotel direct bookings: 11 things you didn’t know you could do with TheBookingButton

If you’re shopping around for an online booking engine to manage hotel direct bookings, you’ll no doubt be doing your research. So here are 11 things you didn’t know you could do with SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton…

5 ways your hotel should be managing room rates to get ahead of the competition

Your hotel should be monitoring the room rates of your competitors so you can see just how competitive your pricing is. But when you have that information, what do you do with it? Here are a few examples of how to tailor your revenue management strategy accordingly…

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