The growth of mobile booking is expanding at a rapid rate and consumers are now using mobile throughout their entire path to purchase. Your hotel needs to be aware and accessible to customers via mobile devices.

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Hotel bookings: Research shows two major booking behaviour changes rising among guests

This SiteMinder blog explores new findings from Sojern showing that two major changes are occurring when it comes to the booking patterns of hotel guests.

Your ultimate A-to-Z guide to web design: 26 elements you need to create your hotel website

Your hotel’s ultimate A-to-Z guide to beautiful website design, produced by SiteMinder, will help answer some of your questions, such as: What is responsive design?; What should be on a website’s homepage?; How can calls-to-action improve navigation?; and Why does a website need plenty of white space?

Before and After: 3 brilliant ways a country hotel took back control of its website with Canvas

Taking control of your hotel’s website design can feel like a huge task. Here’s how a country hotel used website creator Canvas to take instant ownership…

Reviewing the Reviews: How does TripAdvisor impact hotels and their bookings?

With 95% of travellers saying they use travel review websites to make their booking decisions, what impact do online reviews have on hotel bookings?

4 interesting ways daily use of smartphones is spilling over into travel experiences

Leading researchers have found that daily smartphone use substantially influences a guest’s travel experience. Here’s what your hotel should know about travellers use of their mobiles…

How future mobile device usage can give your hotel a competitive advantage

What does the mobile strategy of the future look like for hoteliers? This blog uses research from PricewaterhouseCoopers to explore the possibilities.

How your mobile website can get friendly with Google

With big changes to Google search rankings coming in April, hotels must ensure their websites are mobile-friendly. SiteMinder explores the requirements…

Mobile bookings: Is your hotel tapping into a captive audience?

Statistics show that a typical smartphone user checks their mobile 1,500 times a week. Is your hotel tapping into the huge potential for mobile bookings?

5 tips for independent hotels to drive greater efficiencies

Offer streamlined direct booking options on your website, mobile booking apps, competitive pricing and incentives & capture independent hotel market.

Revenue management: 6 marketing tactics to maximise your hotel’s revenue growth

A list of disciplined approach to increase your hotel’s revenue growth through better revenue management to optimise revenue and returns.

5 tips for hotels to harness the power of marketing technology

Ways to harness technology including marketing automation and social media integration to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies.

5 emerging travel trends every hotelier should consider

Five emerging travel trends from this year’s World Travel Market Global Trends Report that hoteliers won’t be able to ignore in 2015 and beyond.

Smartphones and app mania – how hotels can tap into the millennial market

Hotels have to introduce mobile components to their services to survive in today’s mobile, fast-paced world, and ensure they tap into the millennial market.

What your guests really want to see when booking hotel rooms

A clever list on what guests are really looking for when booking a hotel online. Excellent booking experience, luxury accommodation, great customer service may lead to hotel success.

3 tips to master the mobile revolution

Stay on top of the mobile game – add value to your online travel bookings, build customer loyalty and give guests the ability to book while they’re on-the-go.

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