The five-star guest experience: How to deliver the best hotel service

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Your guests’ expectations are getting higher with every trip they take.

They want it all – a great localised experience delivering something new and all for a convenient price with the key necessities thrown in.

But what separates a good hotel experience from an outstanding one?

SiteMinder spoke to three hotel leaders to get their viewpoints on what it takes to deliver a guest service worthy of five stars.

“Ongoing guest engagement is critical…”
Pinak Soni, co-founder and CEO at GuestTouch

Until recently, the guest experience began upon arrival at a hotel, and ended at departure. Now, this has changed; the experience will often begin at the reservation, and can continue post-stay.

Guests are much more informed than they have been in the past, and will often carry out online research prior to even deciding where to go.

Today, engaging with guests and providing a great experience throughout their entire journey is critical, and getting it right can really set your hotel apart, create brand loyalty, and attract more bookings.

GuestTouch allows a hotel to deliver exceptional service, to generate more reviews and feedback, to save time, and to improve performance scores that, in turn, helps to drive bookings. Most importantly, GuestTouch will seamlessly integrate with your property management system.

Hotels can experience a steady increase in revenue, both through gaining new clients who have read positive reviews, and through increased repeat business, facilitated by the exceptional service and ongoing guest engagement.

Clients have seen an average increase of 11% in ADR (average daily rate), and an average increase of 28% in repeat stays.

Today, engaging with guests and providing a great experience throughout their entire journey is critical...

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“Guest experience is not just a smile and a pleasant hello…”
Ryan Dunn, director of marketing, Nuvola

The guest experience is a general term for how a guest feels throughout what we call the guest lifecycle, or guest journey. From initial booking to check out, a guest will have various interactions with hotel staff, facilities, technology, and other guests on the property. How that guest feels throughout that journey, whether it be positive, neutral, or negative, will determine the outcome of the entire guest experience.

Nuvola enhances the guest experience by empowering hotels with the tools they need to work smarter and consistently deliver services in an expedited manner. At the core, we ensure no back of house or guest service request ever goes unnoticed. We allow staff members to work smarter, not harder, giving them more time to focus on interacting with guests – a human-to-human element of hospitality that sometimes gets overlooked.

On the guest engagement side, every interaction should be convenient, memorable, and in-line with how they’re used to communicating in their typical day-to-day lives. With Nuvola, guests can two-way text with the hotel, open their guest room door with their phone, and even request services by speaking through their in-room Amazon Alexa device.

Being former hoteliers, we understand that an enhanced guest experience is not simply done with a smile and a pleasant “hello”, but rather through every part of the guest journey.

We know that enhancing guest experiences directly correlates with increased brand loyalty, leading to a higher chance of a repeat visit. We also understand that if a guest is being delivered exceptional service, that guest is more willing to leave positive
reviews on third party websites and use the power of “word of mouth” to the hotels benefit.

Whether we like it or not, guest reviews and word of mouth are crucial in our industry, especially in saturated markets. Standing out with an enhanced or memorable guest experience is one way to increase loyalty, spread the word, and impact bottom line revenue.

“The whole journey has to be as enjoyable as possible…”
Tomáš Brouček, VP business development, MyStay

Guest experience means everything the guest goes through from pre-stay to post-stay. First contact with hotel, the level and feeling of communication, the level of care guest receives during stay and of course problem solving. This whole journey has to be as enjoyable as possible so it leads to great reviews.

Our application makes every step of the guest journey easier, faster and more enjoyable. The guests no longer have to go to the reception personally or call if they need something – all the stay-related information and selection of hotel services, including map with points of interest, is just one click away. We further enhance the whole guest experience by providing a platform where hotels and guests can engage in fruitful two-way communication.

If the guests are happy it shows. It starts with bigger tips for personnel, continues with more openness towards upsell and ends with a great review. In today’s world a great hotel review is valued almost above anything else. We found that it can also result in higher overall ranking which means the hotel can adjust prices, accordingly. As for quicker means of boosting revenue: the numbers from MyStay for wifi tell us that one offer was showed to many more guests through the wifi page at one time, than it could ever be shown on paper during the same time period. When guests have that easy access to offers and services they order more of them.

All three companies we spoke to are partners on SiteMinder Exchange , a new and better way for all hotel systems to connect and integrate. If you’d like to learn more, visit the SiteMinder Exchange page here.

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