Guest Experience

The most important part of your hotel are its guests. Maintaining their satisfaction is the key to the continued success of your business.

Use our blogs and eBooks to find tips on how you can achieve the best possible experience for your guests.


Your ultimate A-to-Z guide to web design: 26 elements you need to create your hotel website

Your hotel’s ultimate A-to-Z guide to beautiful website design, produced by SiteMinder, will help answer some of your questions, such as: What is responsive design?; What should be on a website’s homepage?; How can calls-to-action improve navigation?; and Why does a website need plenty of white space?

Planet vs Profit: Are your hotel guests becoming sceptical about your sustainability claims?

New research has found that as hotels become more concerned with sustainability, some guests are becoming increasingly sceptical. So what causes the scepticism? And what can your hotel do to overcome it?

Before and After: 3 brilliant ways a country hotel took back control of its website with Canvas

Taking control of your hotel’s website design can feel like a huge task. Here’s how a country hotel used website creator Canvas to take instant ownership…

The Age of Connection: What do travellers want from their future holiday experiences?

A new report from American Express has revealed that today’s era of travel is being labelled as ‘The Age of Connection’ as holidaymakers demand a greater level of personalisation and technology innovation from hotels.

Lost productivity: 5 practical ways to combat your hotel’s high staff turnover

Lost productivity is costing the hospitality industry a huge amount. Simon Tarr, from People 1st, explains how to improve productivity at your hotel…

4 interesting ways daily use of smartphones is spilling over into travel experiences

Leading researchers have found that daily smartphone use substantially influences a guest’s travel experience. Here’s what your hotel should know about travellers use of their mobiles…

Don’t get mad, get even: 5 lessons hotels can learn from Airbnb’s guest experience

This insightful SiteMinder blog explores the five key lessons that hotels can learn from Airbnb’s brilliant guest experience – don’t get mad, get even!

Last-minute bookings: How your hotel can run at 100% occupancy

Last-minute bookings offer a real opportunity for hotels – if they have the right technology. SiteMinder offers advice to help sell those very final rooms.

Why you should never hide surcharges in your hotel’s room rate

New research shows that hotels are applying more fees and surcharges for extras than ever before – SiteMinder shows why your hotel should be transparent…

9 simple rules to stay on the right side of managing online reviews

With the news that some businesses are using unlawful methods to gain positive online reviews, how can you make sure your hotel stays within the law?

From homepage to payment confirmation: Which features do international travellers want from your website?

What website features do international travellers want from your hotel’s website? SiteMinder uses stats from Worldpay to examine the online booking journey.

How to handle online guest reviews of your hotel

Online hotel reviews are changing everything – hotel operators must became adept in the art of handling online guest reviews in order to stay competitive.

11 ways to redefine customer service – not just your hotel distribution strategy

A hotel’s profitability is a direct function of the satisfaction of its guests, making customer service a top priority in today’s competitive business climate.

Reach business travellers where they are – 3.3 nights a week

A list of new concepts and business models to match the demands of the modern business traveller, who is looking for quality, luxury and speed above all.

What your guests really want to see when booking hotel rooms

A clever list on what guests are really looking for when booking a hotel online. Excellent booking experience, luxury accommodation, great customer service may lead to hotel success.

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