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Whats on SiteMinder

There’s always plenty of ways to get involved with SiteMinder, wherever you are in the world.

Here’s what’s on this month in December…

[Webinar] The A-to-Z guide to beautiful website design – APAC

‘Learn how to be responsive to your guests’


13th December 2017

11am AEDT


Whether you’re overhauling your hotel’s existing website or creating a brand new one to boost your online presence, it can be a daunting task to tackle. And if you’re not sure where to start with all of the available options, you’re certainly not alone.

Considering all the different elements you need to create a website is tough, especially if you lack the experience, time and resources needed to manage the project.

So, let us help you!

In this educational webinar, we’ll answer these essential questions:

  • What is responsive website design?
  • What should be on a website’s homepage?
  • How can calls-to-action improve navigation?
  • Why does a website need plenty of white space?

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[Webinar] AI meets Human Hospitality: Who will run hotels in 25 years?

‘Will technology take over?’


5th December 2017

4pm GMT / 11am ET

IDeaS, Revinate and SiteMinder present this exciting webinar in partnership! Now in its third year, the World Travel Market Thought Leaders meeting is an annual occasion where hospitality leaders gather to discuss the present and future state of the industry.

During this year’s WTM show in London, we looked 25 years ahead and explored how the guest experience will change due to the technological advances that we are currently seeing.

With our industry panel, we tried to answer the question “What does the future of human hospitality look like?”

In this webinar, we explore the topic and share the findings of the session. We discuss the possibilities of robotisation in hotels, but also look at the challenges.

If you would like to learn about the findings and conclusions from our research, register now!

In this FREE webinar we will:

  • Share and discuss the findings from our survey results
  • Forecast what we expect from hotel technology in the far future
  • Discuss if human hospitality is enough to stop robots from taking over
  • Examine how the hotel of the future will embrace technology to enhance the guest experience

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[Portuguese Webinar] Hotel technology strategy: How to make data-based decisions for your hotel

Make strategic choices’


5th December 2017

3pm WET / 1pm BRT


Today travellers have more information than ever before at their fingertips. Technology has become an indispensable element in attracting and retaining hotel guests.

More than ever, it’s important to keep up to date on what types of customers you attract to your hotel, what technology you need to reach them, and how to use these tools to gain a competitive advantage in a constantly changing marketplace.

In this session, we’ll discuss how hoteliers can use the technology available in the market to stay ahead of the competition.

The session will include:

  • Data and statistics on the behavior of today’s consumers and how hoteliers can use this information
  • Why having a diversified distribution strategy is vital to the success of your hotel
  • How to make decisions based on data and the metrics you should pay attention to within hotel  technology.

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