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The travel world is made up of industries within industries, with so much happening in the realms of tech development, guest demographics, marketing and sales innovations, digital strategies and much more.

On any given day trusted leaders and experts are offering their thoughts on one issue or another. It’s easy to miss or overlook very valuable insights as a busy hotelier, but it’s important to catch as much as possible, in the event you find the perfect piece of advice or information for your business.

To make things easier, SiteMinder scours the web for recent, insightful quotes from all the right people, pulling them into one handy digest.

Here are five key tidbits we found fascinating in the past week or two:

Quote(s) #1

“We are happy with the tourists, they bring in the money that helps to maintain our buildings, but this is too much.” – Kirsten Wensveen

“Sometimes it feels like people are sitting right there in your living room.” – Peter Paul Klapwijk

These two quotes highlight the reality of overtourism to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Dutch village Kinderdijk, of which Kirsten and Peter are residents, is experiencing a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

It’s become famous for its stunning array of 19 historic windmills, which are protected and beautifully preserved. The only issue? Year-round Kinderdjik has about 60 residents, while on average it attracts over 600,000 tourists. This means for every resident, there are 10,000 visitors making their way through the tranquil destination.

With concerns over keeping the area sustainable, these figures indicate the stress might be warranted.

These two quotes highlight the reality of overtourism to some of the world’s most beautiful locations

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Quote #2

“At Bumble, we’re more than just a dating app – we’re a mission-driven platform that connects people across the most important relationships in their lives in love, friendship and business.” – Andee Olson, director of partnerships at Bumble

This comes off the back of a new partnership between dating app Bumble and Moxy Hotels. Moxy is a playful, experiential offshoot of Marriott International and an announcement was made to launch ‘BumbleSpot #atthemoxy’, an initiative that brings digital connections to life.

BumbleSpots are places that have been verified by Bumble as inclusive environments to meet your Bumble connections – across dating, friendship and professional networking. Moxy Hotels is the first officially designated spot. The official launch was November 13, and plenty of events are currently underway.

Quote #3

“Just as you have your go-to site or app for music and shopping, we are making sure TripAdvisor is now your go-to resource for travel. We continue to work with the community to build the best experience for travellers worldwide” – TripAdvisor President and CEO Stephen Kaufer

One of the things that has made TripAdvisor so successful is that it’s never idle. The company is proving that yet again with a relaunch of the website.

The revamp will now encourage users to create an account with the site and incorporate deep social media links to give travellers a more personal and trustworthy experience. Users will now be able to source the reviews of trusted influencers and also have assistance in seeing the places friends and family have visited.

Travellers can now easily find more information they trust and they can also seek recommendations on the new platform from sources they know are credible.

Quote #4

“The hospitality industry nowadays is mainly centralised, which leaves the user database unprotected. The use of blockchain brings an alternative for the consumer.” – Renato Dimarzio, CEO of Empire Hotels

There’s always a new app on the market, a new business idea to change the industry. Empire Hotels is one of these, seeking to provide many services: starting from choosing and booking the hotel, through to the end of the stay.

Empire Hotels is creating a mobile app which offers features such as checking in and out, spending bill updates, room temperature control, hot-tub heating and more – with the aim of increasing efficiency.

Other problems cited by Renato include the high administration fees charged by many competitors such as booking.com, hotels.com and Kayak – ranging between 10-25% of final cost. By comparison, Empire Hotels will “be as low as 3% in crypto and 8% in fiat”.

Quote #5

More of a story than a quote, the following is an anonymous submission to the world of funny hotel stories.

(We are in the checkout line at a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The clerk asks the woman how her stay was.)

Woman: “Oh, this part of it was good, but now we have to go home.”

Clerk: “Yeah, I know. It’s no fun when your vacation is over.”

Woman: “Yeah, we were going to go to Yellowstone, but Old Faithful is closed this week, so we have to come back another time.”

Clerk: *with a strange look on his face* “Closed? Who told you that?”

Woman: “We were talking to some people in the restaurant last night, and they told us it was closed for cleaning.”

Clerk: “No, ma’am. It’s a natural hot spring geyser. It will still keep erupting a hundred years from now… I think someone was pulling your leg!”

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