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Such is the speed at which the travel industry changes, a new trend is already replacing the one you just learned about. It’s important to keep track of current trends to alter your business plan accordingly and maintain revenue.

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The Great Power Shift: Are you engaging the empowered holidaymaker?

What influences holidaymakers when they book? Is it the hotel’s reputation or is price the deciding factor? This SiteMinder blog explores these questions.

Why it’s crucial to support our tourism family during tough times

Tourism plays a crucial role when it comes to economic growth. So when disaster strikes it’s more important than ever to pull together and support tourism.

9 brilliant business insights from the Travel Marketing Summit 2015

SiteMinder attended the inaugural Travel Marketing Summit 2015, hosted by Mumbrella. Here are nine brilliant business insights from travel marketers…

Why your hotel can’t afford to overlook these emerging economies

China is crucial in the emerging economies category. But while it presents opportunities for hotels, there are other countries that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why it’s time to stop the Chinese travel fascination and start capitalising

Opportunities presented by the world’s largest tourism market are huge. SiteMinder looks at how and why you should be capitalising on Chinese travellers.

5 emerging travel trends every hotelier should consider

Five emerging travel trends from this year’s World Travel Market Global Trends Report that hoteliers won’t be able to ignore in 2015 and beyond.

Why hotels need direct access to China’s booming travel market

China’s online travel market hit $10 billion in 2014’s second quarter. Add online distribution & booking technologies to directly reach China’s travellers.

Reach business travellers where they are – 3.3 nights a week

A list of new concepts and business models to match the demands of the modern business traveller, who is looking for quality, luxury and speed above all.

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