These are the characteristics of the changing traveller we met.

The enduring explorer01

01 The enduring explorer

Committed to travelling, regardless of living costs

At a time when people everywhere are struggling with the basic cost of living, today’s traveller remains stubbornly determined to explore. Impacted by macroeconomic issues? Yes. Do they care? Not really.

Relentlessly prioritising ‘the adventure’, the enduring explorer categorises travel less as a luxury and more as a fundamental aspect of being human. Travel, to them, is both a right and a means of regaining control in an otherwise relentless world.

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digital dependent

02 The digital dependent

Reliant on new technologies and bound to devices

Trying to limit their screen time, but bound to their devices, today’s traveller relies on a growing network of technology platforms before making any decision, including where to stay.

The digital dependent is adjusting to chatbots and intrigued by AI, but also quickly burnt – ultra-sensitive to online experiences that feel clunky or insecure.

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The memory maker03

03 The memory maker

Investing in experiences, in a roaring ‘20s rerun

While travel flows are normalising, today’s traveller is not. Their evolution is set on a different plain. The memory maker is fixated on the unique and the new, and is drawn to the road not yet travelled.

They are quirky-menu-seekers, work from boutique barns and have saved hard to splash additional money, beyond the cost of their room.

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The conscious collaborator04

04 The conscious collaborator

An open ally to accommodations and the community

An ally to the industry, today’s traveller is driven to create meaningful connections via their accommodation stay.

The conscious collaborator sees the upsides of communicating closely with their chosen property.

They deeply value the industry’s people and want to have a positive impact on the communities they visit.

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Powered by Kantar, in July 2023, SiteMinder asked more than 10,000 travellers in 12 of the world’s largest tourist markets (Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, UK and USA) 25 accommodation-specific questions.

SiteMinder then analysed responses by gender, generation, location (urban, suburban and rural), travel plans (domestic, international or both), work plans, travel companion, household income and preferred accommodation type. The findings were supplemented with other third-party data, as cited within this report.

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