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Learn how to master your hotel’s online distribution strategy with everything from channel management to metasearch and online travel agencies.

Boost your revenue management strategy, increase your hotel’s direct online bookings, and understand how global distribution systems can make a difference to your hotel’s occupancy.

New research finds Google, TripAdvisor and brand websites ‘hold the same value’ for hotels

A new report from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. Here’s what chapter one of the Global Hotel Business Index 2018 told us…

Indian hotel increases revenue with SiteMinder

Indian hotel increases revenue by optimising online distribution

Talabgaon Castle streamlines administrative tasks, automates revenue management, drives more bookings, and increases revenue thanks to SiteMinder.

How do these extremely remote hotels stay connected with global guests?

Hotel technology is allowing more hotel operators to find more bookings more globally. Here’s how four extremely remote hotels stay connected with global guests.

What hotels need to know about launching a book direct campaign

Book direct campaigns deliver positive results. That’s the finding from a recent study by Kalibri Labs. Learn everything here…

How to optimise your most profitable channel and book more guests direct: A step-by-step guide for hoteliers

It’s important to know exactly where your bookings are coming from and where you hotel can get the most value. Learn how to book more guests direct here…

Hotel runs promotions to increase revenue

5 easy hotel promotions to increase revenue at your property

Creating promotions at your hotel doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Even simple plans can deliver increased bookings and revenue for your property. Take a look at these tips.

On-demand webinar: How to optimise your online distribution channels

In this on-demand webinar we’ll cover how to optimise your online distribution channels, online travel agents, metasearch engines, and direct bookings.

GDS in the hotel industry

What you need to know about GDS in the hotel industry

Connecting to a GDS can give your hotel unparalleled access to a network of travel agents who are ready and willing to book your hotel for their clients.

GDS boosts business traveller bookings

Ask the hotel experts: Can a GDS boost my hotel’s business traveller bookings?

A GDS is still a valuable distribution tool for many hotels across the globe. We spoke to SiteMinder’s in-house expert Jason Lewis-Purcell to find out more.

Everything you need to know to quickly master your hotel’s SEO

Search engine optimisation is easy to make progress in, but difficult to master given there are so many elements contributing to it. Here are five strategies you can use to get your hotel in the top ten of search results.

hotel website

5 things you can do right now to ensure travellers find your hotel website

Hoteliers need to find the perfect balance between creating a great website and making sure that website can be found by online searchers. Here’s how you can do it…

Google is becoming one of the biggest metasearch sites in travel

Is Google becoming the biggest metasearch site in travel?

Is Google really starting to dominate travel metasearch? Check out the search engine’s latest travel features in this SiteMinder article.

Infographic: The top 15 hotel booking channels of 2017

With so many options available, it can be difficult for hotels to know what online channels will help them get the most bookings. That’s why SiteMinder has released a list of the top 15 revenue-generating booking channels of 2017.

Facial recognition and voice search technology in the travel industry

Face, voice, and emotional recognition: The promises they make to travellers

Technology surrounding facial recognition and voice search is quickly moving forward and has the potential to completely change the way people book travel and the way they experience a trip.

Hotel overcomes pitfall when distributing rooms online

Has your hotel overcome these distribution challenges?

Deciding how and where to distribute rooms is a constant and tough challenge for hotels. Has yours overcome these potential pitfalls?

Global Hotel Business Index 2018: What’s the view on hotel budgets and business strategy?

Hoteliers are thinking carefully and analytically about how they prioritise budget and long-term decisions. Get the cheat sheet for full insights.

Hotel cuts costs and maximises profits

10 smart ways your hotel can cut costs and maximise profits

It’s certainly true that small improvements can create big results at your hotel. Here are 10 smart ways to easily cut costs and increase revenue quickly at your property.

Hotels face challenges with revenue management

Hoteliers admit finding new ways to manage revenue is their biggest challenge

A new report from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. Here’s what chapter three of the Global Hotel Business Index 2018 told us…

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