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Learn how to master your hotel’s online distribution strategy with everything from channel management to metasearch and online travel agencies.

Boost your revenue management strategy, increase your hotel’s direct online bookings, and understand how global distribution systems can make a difference to your hotel’s occupancy.

Hotel overcomes pitfall when distributing rooms online

Has your hotel overcome these distribution challenges?

Deciding how and where to distribute rooms is a constant and tough challenge for hotels. Has yours overcome these potential pitfalls?

Video reveals how you can find the right channel manager for your hotel

Video: How to find the right channel manager for your hotel

In this video, SiteMinder explores the features and benefits you should look for in a channel management solution for your hotel.

Hotel using room pricing intelligence to manage distribution

Why your hotel’s channel manager needs the help of a room pricing tool

To quickly set your rates across all your distribution channels, your channel manager software will need the help of a hotel room pricing tool.

SiteMinder & Sojern Hotel Revenue Report: “Being a data-driven hotelier means tapping into many sources”

SiteMinder has joined forces with travel marketing experts Sojern to produce the hotel industry report ‘How hoteliers can use data to drive more revenue’. Let’s take a look…

Direct Bookings Cheat Sheet: How to reduce abandoned reservations at your hotel

This free cheat sheet from SiteMinder will help hotels maximise the amount of direct bookings they can capture and reduce abandoned reservations.

SiteMinder & Sojern Hotel Revenue Report: “There’s plenty of opportunity to find guests online”

SiteMinder has joined forces with travel marketing experts Sojern to produce the hotel industry report ‘How hoteliers can use data to drive more revenue’. Let’s take a look…

GDS boosts business traveller bookings

Ask the hotel experts: Can a GDS boost my hotel’s business traveller bookings?

A GDS is still a valuable distribution tool for many hotels across the globe. We spoke to SiteMinder’s in-house expert Jason Lewis-Purcell to find out more.

20 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate guests and bookings

Corporate guests are a huge market that many hotels rely on for repeat business. If your property is set up for business travellers take note of these tips.

GDS: 5 benefits of connecting your hotel to GDS by SiteMinder

Global Distribution Systems: 5 benefits of connecting your hotel to GDS by SiteMinder

Connecting to a global distribution system like GDS by SiteMinder can reap a great number of benefits for your hotel. Our latest blog explains why…

Google is becoming one of the biggest metasearch sites in travel

Is Google becoming the biggest metasearch site in travel?

Is Google really starting to dominate travel metasearch? Check out the search engine’s latest travel features in this SiteMinder article.

TripAdvisor rebranding recently

8 interesting things we learned from TripAdvisor’s recent brand strategy update

Metasearch channel TripAdvisor is not content with just offering travellers research and advice – it now wants to help guests book hotels at the lowest price in a holistic shopping experience.

Are metasearch sites gaining ground on OTAs?

Are metasearch sites gaining ground on OTAs?

Metasearch sites – in particular, Google – are gaining ground on OTAs, and innovating in the process. This blog explores their growth.

The US’ most talked about online travel agents

What are hotel guests really saying about online travel agents?

Online travel agents are the focal point for so many travel bookings and there’s a lot of competition between them, but also a lot of consideration for hotels when deciding which channels to connect to.

A man trying to understand how to optimise the OTA profile for his hotel

Do you know how to effectively optimise your hotel’s OTA profile?

Your hotel’s OTA profile is just as important to get right as your own website or any other brand content you display to travellers online if you want to maximise bookings.

How are independent hotels using booking and distribution technology to achieve their business goals?

To achieve hotel business goals like driving bookings and increasing revenue, hoteliers can’t afford not to be using distribution and booking technology. Read about real life applications here.

On-demand webinar: The fundamentals of revenue management

SiteMinder, with Revenue By Design, hosted a webinar about the fundamentals of revenue management and how to make your strategy a success.

Your hotel’s ultimate A-to-Z guide to revenue management

This free guide will help your hotel understand every aspect that goes into creating a successful hotel revenue management strategy.

Hotel implements an effective revenue management strategy

Effective revenue management strategies for hotels

Implementing an effective revenue management strategy is vital to the success of your hotel business. We discuss the things you need to consider when creating revenue management strategies for your hotel…

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