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Mobile App

Get the power of SiteMinder on your mobile device.

Never miss a beat with the SiteMinder Mobile App. Every hotel can now take action anytime, anywhere, free as part of your SiteMinder plan.

Stay in perfect sync.

Take the unexpected in your stride

Issue immediate stop sells from your mobile device until you’ve got your pricing just right.

Validate your hunches anytime, anywhere

Gain a clear view of your property’s performance at a glance with a mobile-optimised dashboard.

Be out of the office, stay in control

Reduce the impact of last-minute cancellations by adjusting the day’s rates on the go.

Keep conversations going on the move

Enjoy more ways to get support, accessing 24/7 chat anytime, anywhere.

Act faster than ever.

Enjoy a mobile-optimised dashboard with critical performance information at a glance.

View rooms sold, revenue earned, and best performing channels – all in one place.

See the next 14 days of vital information in one view.

Forecast your property’s performance across the next two weeks so you can take targeted actions.

Apply actions in bulk across any required date range.

Perform multiple updates with bulk-edit to make faster changes without needing to log on to your desktop.

Download the SiteMinder Mobile App

Already a SiteMinder customer? Scan the QR code with your mobile device to download the SiteMinder Mobile App.

SiteMinder Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, SiteMinder has a free mobile app that is now available for users with a SiteMinder plan. See pricing options to best suit your business needs.

The SiteMinder Mobile App is the mobile version of the SiteMinder Platform that enables users to access the system using mobile devices. All you need is the SiteMinder Mobile App installed on your phone or tablet, and you can start managing your property’s unique booking rhythms on the go. Download the SiteMinder Mobile App for free on the Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad) and Google Play Store (Android phone and tablet). 

The SiteMinder Mobile App works just like the Platform version on your desktop or laptop, while making the system more user-friendly on mobile devices. After downloading the SiteMinder Mobile App onto, simply log in using your SiteMinder account information and you’ll have access to your mobile-optimised dashboard, inventory grid, and other features. 

The SiteMinder Mobile App does not cost any additional fee because it comes free with your SiteMinder Plan. You do not need to pay extra to download and use the SiteMinder App on your mobile devices. It’s mobile-optimised and perfectly synced, giving you the power of SiteMinder at your fingertips

One of the biggest benefits of the SiteMinder Mobile App is having the ability to stay on top of things even when you’re not at your desk. With the SiteMinder Mobile App, you can instantly make adjustments to room rates, stop sells, and other aspects of your pricing strategy in real-time, ensuring you’re always responsive to market changes.

Other advantages of using the SiteMinder Mobile App include:

  • Make informed decisions on the go through key performance metrics viewed at a glance on a mobile-friendly dashboard
  • Streamline your workflow and boost productivity by performing bulk updates across multiple items with just a few taps
  • Be ahead of the curve with a forecast of your property’s performance over the next two weeks and take targeted actions to optimise revenue

Whether you’re at the property, on the move, or just away from your desk, the SiteMinder Mobile App empowers you to keep control of your hotel’s performance and improve revenue results. Watch a quick demo of the SiteMinder Platform now.

SiteMinder is used by over 41,000 hotels globally, who now have access to the mobile app for free. Hoteliers using SiteMinder have reported increasing online bookings by 60% and revenue per available room (RevPAR) by 30%. With more freedom and flexibility, the SiteMinder App sets you up for even greater success to achieve your hotel’s revenue goals. Start your free trial today.