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Guests journey to booking a hotel

How to represent your hotel across the entire guest booking journey (part two)

There are many steps travellers take when planning travel. SiteMinder discusses how your hotel can be across every touchpoint in the guest booking journey.

Hotel guest choosing travel destination

Why the guest booking journey begins at choosing a destination (part one)

Choosing a destination is by far the most important decision for travellers. It’s one that is begins the booking process and is influenced by a range of factors.

Stats don't lie: Is your hotel truly capitalising on guest booking behaviour?

Stats Don’t Lie: Is your hotel truly capitalising on guest booking behaviour?

Guest booking behaviour is a vital insight for hotels to track if they want to truly optimise the amount of bookings they convert.

hotel personalising guest service online

Why personalisation can deliver 6% more revenue for your hotel

Booking personalisation is the key to a guest’s heart, and also your hotel’s revenue. Find out how you can get 6% more at your property.

Hotel using room pricing intelligence to manage distribution

Why your hotel’s channel manager needs the help of a room pricing tool

To quickly set your rates across all your distribution channels, your channel manager software will need the help of a hotel room pricing tool.

Women looking at a canvas website for hotels and deciding to use a channel manager

Why your hotel’s direct bookings need the help of a channel manager

For direct bookings to be your hotel’s most profitable channel, you need more than an online booking engine; you also need a channel manager.

Local hotels compete for guests and market competitiveness

Competing with the local hotel market: 5 ways you can stay on top

Maintaining competitiveness in the local hotel market is a constantly and increasingly difficult challenge. These tips from SiteMinder will help you stay on top.

Hotel Business Strategy: How to successfully manage and promote your hotel restaurant

A restaurant can be an effective business strategy for your hotel when managed and promoted correctly. SiteMinder explores how to manage yours successfully.

Video marketing in the hotel industry

Why your hotel needs video marketing (with brilliant examples)

Hotel video marketing is an extremely effective tool for engaging potential guests and driving traffic to your website. Here’s why you should be doing more.

Hotel room features

Why promoting your hotel room features could seal the deal

Promoting your hotel room features could help you increase the number of rooms you sell. Take a look at these easy tips from SiteMinder.

Your August guide to what’s on with SiteMinder…

With so many ways to get involved with SiteMinder all over the world, come along to one of our events to find out more our industry-leading technology.

Shopping cart of hotel and travel goods

Why your hotel should offer a ‘shopping cart’ experience

Hotels need to start thinking about offering a more distinct shopping cart experience, one that gives travellers the freedom they truly want. Here’s why…

Why your hotel’s booking engine needs the help of a beautiful website

Your hotel’s online booking engine needs to be integrated with a beautiful and functional website if you’re to drive the direct bookings you need at your property. Here’s how.

On air listening to hotel podcasts

5 of the best go-to podcasts for hotel managers

Podcasts are a great resource for hotels, offering a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that hoteliers can use to successfully run their business.

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in July

With travel news breaking every day, in every corner of the globe, SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here to keep you informed of the latest trends.

Free infographic profiles business travellers around the world

Free infographic: How well does your hotel understand the needs of business travellers?

Given that more women and millennials are undertaking business travel, a one-size fits all approach to marketing and distribution will no longer work. Explore the facts in this infographic…

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