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Visual content resonates in travel marketing

What type of visual content resonates the most with travellers?

Visual content is one of the most effective ways to get people engaging with your brand. Here are some suggestions on how you can use it at your hotel.

Hotel 2018 marketing plan

8 tactics you need to include in your 2018 hotel marketing plan

2018 is a brand new opportunity to create success at your hotel. Here are the marketing tactics you should consider using.

Creating a hotel website

How to create a hotel website that gets more bookings

Creating an optimised website is the key to getting more direct, commission-free bookings for your hotel.

Hotel converts day-trippers into night-trippers

From Day to Night: How to convert ‘day-trippers’ into overnight bookings

Day-trippers represent a huge slice of the traveller market. Give your hotel the best chance to capitalise on revenue opportunities with these helpful tips.

On-demand webinar: The fundamentals of revenue management

SiteMinder, with Revenue By Design, hosted a webinar about the fundamentals of revenue management and how to make your strategy a success.

GDS boosts business traveller bookings

Ask the hotel experts: Can a GDS boost my hotel’s business traveller bookings?

A GDS is still a valuable distribution tool for many hotels across the globe. We spoke to SiteMinder’s in-house expert Jason Lewis-Purcell to find out more.

Hotel overcomes pitfall when distributing rooms online

Has your hotel overcome these distribution challenges?

Deciding how and where to distribute rooms is a constant and tough challenge for hotels. Has yours overcome these potential pitfalls?

On-demand webinar: How to cater for business travellers and the corporate market at your hotel

In this on-demand webinar, SiteMinder provides hotels with a full-scale plan on how to cater to business travellers and attract corporate bookings.

Tracking the journey of your hotel website: The past, present, and future of hotel web design

In the past decade hotel web design has undergone a complete transformation. Let’s deep dive into the past, present and future in SiteMinder’s infographic.

Hotel online ad

How to effectively advertise your hotel online

Effective online advertising is vital for the success of your hotel business. SiteMinder reveals what advertising techniques you should be investing in.

Technology impacting the hotel industry workforce

The new relationship between technology and the travel industry workforce

Technology holds a number of benefits for the hospitality industry and it’s having a huge impact on the workforce and the way businesses manage customer relationships.

Hotel accurately pricing hotel room

Why you don’t need to be a data-scientist to price your hotel rooms accurately

Hotel room pricing is never easy to perfect, but you don’t need to be a genius or trained data-scientist to get it right at your property.

How to choose the best online booking engine: A guide for independent hoteliers

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to plan your investment in booking engine technology, a vital tool for your hotel.

Travel technology is changing.

How consumer behaviour and travel technology are changing each other

Traveller behaviour and hotel technology are naturally linked. And hotels need to be aware of how the two interact and how to respond effectively.

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in November

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. That’s why SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here…

Your December guide to what’s on with SiteMinder

Every month provides opportunities to get involved with SiteMinder. Here’s how you can connect with us at December’s events…

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