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Understand key hotel industry statistics and learn about the latest traveller trends from how guests book a room online, right through to what your guests expect during their hotel experience. Hear about the success hotels all around the world are having with hotel management technology, and explore our ‘how to’ articles so you can master this fast-changing hospitality industry with some new ideas.

Research finds ‘guest personalisation and strong brand’ key for hotel success

A new report from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. Here’s what chapter five of the Global Hotel Business Index 2018 told us…

connect with hotel guests

11 simple reminders for connecting with your hotel guests emotionally

If your guests don’t feel connected to your hotel, they could still be ruled by price, location, or facilities next time they go to book. Here’s how to connect with them on an emotional level.

Best customer service at hotel

What it really means to provide the best customer service at your hotel

Providing the best customer service at your hotel means providing the best customer service full stop. Here are some tips for your property.

Global Hotel Business Index 2018: What’s the view on the guest booking experience and achieving success?

This year, hoteliers are concentrating fiercely on understanding global travellers and driving future success. Download the cheat sheet for full insights.

State of the Nation 2018: How big is the opportunity for hotel bookings in France?

State of the Nation 2018: How big is the opportunity for hotel bookings in France?

France benefits from its strong transport infrastructure – including its world-famous Métro system and high-speed rail, the TGV. Let’s assess the opportunity for hotel bookings in 2018.

Rail transport is important to the future of travel

Why rail transport could be more important to your hotel’s future than you think

With global travel continuing to explode, rail transport could start to play a much larger role in the future of travel – and hotels.

How to make your hotel staff happy: Take the 14-day challenge

Take our 14 day challenge will help build a group of loyal staff who will not only stay with your company, but will be ambassadors for your hotel brand.

Speaking the same language as guests: How you can optimise communication at your hotel

Being able to communicate effectively with guests at your hotel is a huge factor in the experience they have and the feedback they leave once they depart. Here’s how to get it right.

Hiring hotel staff

Hiring at your hotel: The six best traits of successful hotel staff  

Wondering how to hire hotel staff that will make your guest experience shine? Here are six traits you should look for in new hires.

Hotel runs promotions to increase revenue

5 easy hotel promotions to increase revenue at your property

Creating promotions at your hotel doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Even simple plans can deliver increased bookings and revenue for your property. Take a look at these tips.

Successful hotel brand

Building a killer hotel brand: 4 examples of hotels owning their identity

Building a successful brand takes time and a dedicated strategy across the board. Here are some examples of successful hotels and how you can join them.

5 of the best must-watch marketing tutorial videos for hotel managers

If you’re short on time but are still struggling to get a grasp on your hotel marketing plan, these quick video tutorials may be able to help.

A bar inside of a hotel

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach, Australia

It’s called Sanctuary Retreat for a reason and this hotel in Australia’s Queensland is doing great things with conservation for the environment and guests.

A Traveler's tent in the bush

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Solscape, New Zealand

How does Solscape in New Zealand balance sustainability and managing guests? This SiteMinder blog explores their ecotourism credentials, and of course yoga.

A resort on the beach

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Moorings Hotel, Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam hit tropical paradise Vanuatu back in March. How are hotels rebuilding? How is tourism affected? SiteMinder’s blog talks to the Moorings Hotel.

Hotel industry statistics you might have missed in April

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. Catch up on stats you might have missed in April…

From Planning to Staying: The digital habits of guests during their hotel booking journey

Global travellers experience an entire journey online before they arrive at your hotel. Here are 17 stats detailing the modern digital habits of travellers.

Hotel Statistics

20 surprising hospitality employment stats: What can your hotel learn?

20 surprising hospitality stats: What can your hotel learn?

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