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Understand key hotel industry statistics and learn about the latest traveller trends from how guests book a room online, right through to what your guests expect during their hotel experience. Hear about the success hotels all around the world are having with hotel management technology, and explore our ‘how to’ articles so you can master this fast-changing hospitality industry with some new ideas.

Christmas guest

4 easy ways to surprise and delight your hotel guests this Christmas

It’s an exciting time of year and guests will be expecting a great experience at your hotel. Here’s how you can keep them happy this festive period.

Customer service in the hotel industry

4 fascinating ways customer service has changed in the hotel industry

Customer service is most important in the hospitality industry. How has it changed in recent years and how can your hotel adapt?

technology and the guest experience

The hotel technology that is changing guest experience and how your property can use it

Technology has taken huge steps forward in recent years and what was once fanciful is now reality. Hotels need to capitalise on these developments with this advice.

Travel technology is changing.

How consumer behaviour and travel technology are changing each other

Traveller behaviour and hotel technology are naturally linked. And hotels need to be aware of how the two interact and how to respond effectively.

Your December guide to what’s on with SiteMinder

Every month provides opportunities to get involved with SiteMinder. Here’s how you can connect with us at December’s events…

At the front desk with Eric Hallin: “Running a hotel is like running a city. Doing it alone is impossible”

Eric Hallin’s hotel career spans 40 years. Now in his tenth year at the Rembrandt in Bangkok, he leads his team who create a great experience for the many international guests. SiteMinder found out the secrets to his success…

How to build a team of hotel staff (…and effectively lead them)

After your guests, one of the most important things at your hotel is your staff. Here’s how you can make them the backbone of your success.

Technology impacting the hotel industry workforce

The new relationship between technology and the travel industry workforce

Technology holds a number of benefits for the hospitality industry and it’s having a huge impact on the workforce and the way businesses manage customer relationships.

What's on

Your November guide to what’s on with SiteMinder

Every month provides opportunities to get involved with SiteMinder. Here’s how you can connect with us at November’s events…

Hotel converts day-trippers into night-trippers

From Day to Night: How to convert ‘day-trippers’ into overnight bookings

Day-trippers represent a huge slice of the traveller market. Give your hotel the best chance to capitalise on revenue opportunities with these helpful tips.

Upselling hotel guests

Essential tips on how your hotel can upsell features and experiences

Upselling can be a very useful way to boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately build a more profitable business. Here’s some essential tips from SiteMinder…

creative business strategy tips for hotels

4 creative business strategy tips for your hotel

To keep guests engaged and satisfied at your hotel you need to adopt creative business strategies that will put you ahead of the competition.

A bar inside of a hotel

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach, Australia

It’s called Sanctuary Retreat for a reason and this hotel in Australia’s Queensland is doing great things with conservation for the environment and guests.

A Traveler's tent in the bush

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Solscape, New Zealand

How does Solscape in New Zealand balance sustainability and managing guests? This SiteMinder blog explores their ecotourism credentials, and of course yoga.

A resort on the beach

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Moorings Hotel, Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam hit tropical paradise Vanuatu back in March. How are hotels rebuilding? How is tourism affected? SiteMinder’s blog talks to the Moorings Hotel.

The top 100 city destinations in the world

Euromonitor Top 100 Cities: Asian destinations dominate the latest travel rankings

Euromonitor has released its annual top city destinations, detailing the performance of the top 100 cities in the world. We take a look at the key figures.

Travel Industry Trends

Hotel Industry News: Things you might have missed in October

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. That’s why SiteMinder’s TrendTracker is here…

AI in the hotel industry

AI in the Hotel Industry: A snapshot of the potential impacts

AI is becoming more prominent in the hospitality industry and the potential benefits are expanding every day. Here are some examples.

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