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Understand key hotel industry statistics and learn about the latest traveller trends from how guests book a room online, right through to what your guests expect during their hotel experience. Hear about the success hotels all around the world are having with hotel management technology, and explore our ‘how to’ articles so you can master this fast-changing hospitality industry with some new ideas.

AI Meets Human Hospitality: Who will run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots?

Is human hospitality enough to stop robots taking over? This SiteMinder white paper in partnership with IDeaS and Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy looks at how industry executives feel about the current and future state of our sector. Expert Monica Or delves into the question – who will run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots?

Christmas guest

4 easy ways to surprise and delight your hotel guests this Christmas

It’s an exciting time of year and guests will be expecting a great experience at your hotel. Here’s how you can keep them happy this festive period.

Customer service in the hotel industry

4 fascinating ways customer service has changed in the hotel industry

Customer service is most important in the hospitality industry. How has it changed in recent years and how can your hotel adapt?

Tips for improving your hotel business

The resources your hotel can use to improve business right now

There’s always room for improvement in any business but it can be hard to know where to look. Here are some resources you can use for your hotel management.

Hotel expert explains the basics of revenue management

Ask the hotel experts: How can hotel staff master the basics of revenue management?

Even understanding the basics of revenue management can be hugely beneficial for hotels. Here, Jody Sharratt of Rooms online shares her advice for hotels looking to learn more.

Startups in the travel industry

5 startups that are revolutionising the travel industry

There are countless startups trying to disrupt the industry. A select few hit the mark and provide new and exciting options for hotels and guests alike.

Happy hotel staff improves the guest experience

Your guest service framework: Why hotels need to focus on employee satisfaction and happiness

Happy staff make for happy guests. It’s a simple concept but more complicated to achieve. Here’s how to create a positive environment at your hotel.

Books for hotel managers

10 brilliant books that every hotel manager needs to read

Books and the knowledge they contain should be used more widely by hotel managers looking to set a strong foundation for their management strategy. Here’s 10 of the best.

Tips on becoming a better hotel manager

How to become a better hotel manager: Tips, tricks, and advice

Being a good hotel manager requires a lot of personal skills and knowledge. Here’s some high-level advice to point you in the right direction.

Successful hotel brand

Building a killer hotel brand: 4 examples of hotels owning their identity

Building a successful brand takes time and a dedicated strategy across the board. Here are some examples of successful hotels and how you can join them.

5 of the best must-watch marketing tutorial videos for hotel managers

If you’re short on time but are still struggling to get a grasp on your hotel marketing plan, these quick video tutorials may be able to help.

Happy holidays from SiteMinder

SiteMinder Support: How to get in touch with us over Christmas and New Year

As always, the SiteMinder support teams are here to help you over the festive period. Here’s how to contact our global offices using the information below.

A bar inside of a hotel

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach, Australia

It’s called Sanctuary Retreat for a reason and this hotel in Australia’s Queensland is doing great things with conservation for the environment and guests.

A Traveler's tent in the bush

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Solscape, New Zealand

How does Solscape in New Zealand balance sustainability and managing guests? This SiteMinder blog explores their ecotourism credentials, and of course yoga.

A resort on the beach

ROOMS WITH A VIEW: Moorings Hotel, Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam hit tropical paradise Vanuatu back in March. How are hotels rebuilding? How is tourism affected? SiteMinder’s blog talks to the Moorings Hotel.

Why now is the perfect time to promote wellness travel at your hotel

Wellness travel is still on the rise with more travellers becoming proactive about their health and wellbeing. Here’s why and how you can promote it at your hotel.

Hotel industry statistics you might have missed in February

There’s too much happening in the hospitality industry for hoteliers to keep up every month. Catch up on stats you might have missed in February…

Trends dominating the Latin American hotel industry

Can your hotel capitalise on the six megatrends changing the LATAM hotel market?

Six new and exciting trends are emerging within the Latin American travel market. Here’s what they mean and how your hotel can capitalise.

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