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Refresh your hotel’s marketing plan and build a strategy that centres on generating sales and bookings from marketing channels; including social media, online reviews, advertising, content marketing, guest loyalty rewards, reputation management, email and digital marketing, SEO, and of course your hotel website.

Hotel content marketing strategies

Ask the Hotel Experts: What are the key content marketing strategies to drive new business at your hotel?

Content marketing is a worthy, but constant, challenge for hotels to tackle. Learn from Saffron Key’s Ben Weagraff on the key considerations and recommendations for your hotel’s strategy.

hotel website

5 things you can do right now to ensure travellers find your hotel website

Hoteliers need to find the perfect balance between creating a great website and making sure that website can be found by online searchers. Here’s how you can do it…

PPC campaign for a hotel

Pay-per-click for hotels: What you need to know

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to generate visitors to your hotel website, but needs to be implemented correctly in order to increase your conversion rates.

TripAdvisor Tips: How to boost your hotel rating with these useful and effective ideas

t’s widely accepted and followed that the more positive reviews your hotel has, more bookings will naturally follow. Here’s how you can boost your conversion by optimising your TripAdvisor ranking.

Encontrando un hotel en Google

7 sure-fire ways for your hotel to be found on Google

Being found on Google is one of the most important things your can hotel can achieve. Take note of these tips to optimise your property’s SEO.

Hotel reviews are the golden egg

How to influence travellers: Why reviews are the golden egg at your hotel

Your hotel’s online reviews are one of the most vital aspects of your distribution plan. Collect as many positive reviews as you can to build a profitable business.

Online courses for hoteliers

10 of the most effective online courses for hoteliers

Hoteliers need to use every resource available to them so they can maximise the success of their business. Online courses can be a great avenue to do this.

Trends dominating the Latin American hotel industry

Can your hotel capitalise on the six megatrends changing the LATAM hotel market?

Six new and exciting trends are emerging within the Latin American travel market. Here’s what they mean and how your hotel can capitalise.

Hotel refreshes their marketing strategies

How to stop your hotel marketing strategies becoming stale

Hotels want to create marketing strategies that deliver results but are also exciting, innovative and fresh. Consider these strategies to revamp your marketing plan.

Changes to Facebook’s newsfeed and how this will impact your hotels social media

How changes to Facebook’s newsfeed will impact your hotel’s social media plans

With Facebook making another major change to its algorithm, your hotel needs to be ready to adapt content and stay engaged with your prospective and existing guests.

Hotel and Social Media Marketing: 15 stats you need to know

These 15 stats from SiteMinder justify why your hotel needs to be engaging in social media marketing.

Hotel promoting their event through Facebook

How to promote your hotel’s events through Facebook

Events can be a lucrative activity for your hotel but it’s important you learn how to market them properly. Here’s how Facebook can help.

Hotel website accessibility

How do you know if your hotel website is accessible to all your guests?

The large majority of people with disabilities still love to travel across the world and will often research and book online. Make sure your hotel website is accessible for these guests.

Hotel website functionality: Are you implementing these important features?

The simple act of using your hotel website without any bugs or annoyances is a basic expectation for guests. Make sure your website functions as it should with this advice from SiteMinder.

Hotel Website Grader: A comprehensive guide to web design features

Your website design has a significant impact on engaging travellers and converting bookings. Get your website graded by SiteMinder to see how you measure up

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