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Channels Plus – Coming soon

Introducing a new way to connect to multiple channels.

Effortlessly connect to Channels Plus and be live on multiple distribution channels in moments.

Expand your reach to a range of high-value channels and say goodbye to time-consuming setups, multiple bills and complex commission fees.

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More revenue, one simple connection.

Connect with new guests

Find new travellers by tapping into high value channels where you can stand out from the crowd.

Exclusive special offers

Access exclusive special offers from leading online travel agencies such as reduced commission fees, discounted promotions, or preferential listings.

You grow as we grow

Automatically access new channel connections as they are made available on Channels Plus.

Manage everything in one place.

One place for all your content

Save time by managing all your inventory and content from one place; you no longer have to update every channel you connect to.

Streamlined reconciliation

Effortlessly review all bookings in a single real-time dashboard and raise any cancellations or no-shows with just a few clicks.

One price, one bill

Simplify your costs with a fixed commission rate and a single monthly bill for all completed reservations generated through Channels Plus.

Complete control over your rooms.

Flexible channel selection

Maintain control over your available inventory by toggling channels on or off at any time with a single click.

Track the source of your bookings

Have complete visibility into which channel drove each reservation to your property so you can focus your efforts on your highest value channels.

No lock-in contracts

Adjust your inventory to meet changing market conditions without being tied to long-term commitments

Simplify your hotel distribution today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When connecting to a channel via Channel Manager you are required to create an account on each channel that you wish to connect to. You then need to configure your rooms and rates on both the channel and in SiteMinder and then map the two configurations together. In addition you will also need to pay each channel for the reservations that you receive through that channel each month. With Channels Plus, You need only configure your rooms and rates in SiteMinder, select which room rates you want to make available, and pay a single invoice to SiteMinder for completed stays.

You will be charged a modest commission fee for completed stays that were booked through the Channels Plus solution. You will not be charged when a guest cancels their reservations, does not show up, or in the unlikely event that your hotel is overbooked.

Agoda, BookMe NZ, Hopper, Luxtay, PlayInOne, Travel Counsellors and more to come! Click here to see a comprehensive list of all the channel partners who have signed up to participate in Channels Plus.