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On-demand webinar: A.I Meets Human Hospitality

  Posted in Videos  Last updated 29/04/2024

IDeaSRevinate and SiteMinder present this exciting webinar in partnership!

Now in its third year, the WTM Thought Leaders meeting is an annual occasion where hospitality leaders gather to discuss present and future state of the industry. We looked 25 years ahead and explored how the guest experience will change due to the technological advances that we are currently seeing.

With our industry panel, we tried to answer the question “What does the Future of Human Hospitality look like”? Who will run hotels in 25 years; humans or robots?

In this webinar, we explore the topic and share the findings of the session. We discuss the possibilities of robotisation in hotels but also look at the challenges.

Download the on-demand webinar and learn about:

  • Share and discuss the findings from our survey results
  • Forecast what we expect from hotel technology in the far future
  • Discuss if human hospitality be enough to stop the robots from taking over
  • Examine how the hotel of the future embrace technology to enhance their guest experience