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Planning your hotel’s long-term business strategy: An interactive quiz

  Posted in eBooks  Last updated 29/04/2024

Have you been thinking about your current hotel business and how it might change in the future?

The chances are if you have you’re looking into new ways to set your hotel apart from the competition. All businesses strive for a unique selling point that will give their brand presence and prestige.

For hotels, the guest experience is everything. Innovating to connect your hotel on a more personal level to global travellers and the local community is a sure way forward for successful hotels.

However, the methods of doing this are many and varied. Discovering the direction your hotel needs to take to be the best it can be requires a lot of research and considered thought, but we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Deloitte published a report with consultants Doblin detailing the predicted evolution of hotels as they seek to improve service and extend their relationships with customers. They propose there will be five main definitions of a hotel in the future: the Curator, the Matchmaker, the Neighbour, the Architect, and the Choreographer.

Using their insights we have devised a series of questions that will help you identify what your hotel will look like in the future…

Take the quiz instantly and start planning your hotel’s long-term business strategy today.

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