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On-demand webinar: ‘Optimising your online channels: How to make OTAs work for you’

  Posted in Videos  Last updated 29/04/2024

There’s no doubt that the prominence of OTAs continue to grow as travellers view them as a valuable resource for discovering a diverse range of accommodation options at a competitive price.

However, hotels are constantly trying to drive direct bookings without engaging with OTAs which could leave them at a disadvantage.

SiteMinder believes that The Billboard Effect IS real. Our customers are proof that diversified distribution is critical for success.

So how can hoteliers optimise their online channels whilst ensuring the OTAs work for them?

Download the on-demand webinar and learn about:

  • The necessity of online travel agents
  • Taking your first steps
  • Understanding OTA rankings
  • The tactics and tricks you can use to ensure OTAs work for you

From an extensive panel discussion with our industry experts