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eZee & SiteMinder channel manager

Your guide to integration

Interested in using eZee property management system at your hotel?

From small beginnings in a city called Surat, eZee is now a prominent force within the industry, using cutting edge technology to give hoteliers an advantage.

This page will teach you all about eZee and why it’s so important to integrate with other powerful technology partners. Integration is essential if you want to gain complete control over your business. By converging your daily tasks and different departments you’ll be able to create a central control hub for your property, reducing errors, avoiding duplicate data, and saving hours of your time every day.

Taking advantage of powerful partners such as world-leading channel managers really help run your property smoothly. The best channel manager will ensure your rooms are selling and updating across channels and on the back-end automatically in real-time.

An industry leader like SiteMinder could be the perfect provider to use with eZee.

What is eZee?

eZee is an IT solutions provider for the hospitality industry. Founded in 2005, in India, eZee offers a complete range of hospitality solutions, including a property management system (or front desk system).

eZee covers everything from on-site software, to cloud PMS, to restaurant POS systems, giving hoteliers and hospitality companies a lot of options.

eZee seeks to simplify and streamline the complexity of these various functions while maintaining a powerful and sophisticated product.

Currently eZee is active in more than 140 countries with over 150 employees.

Why choose eZee technosys?

eZee prioritises a superb user experience and value for money. There is also a high focus on enabling third-party integration, which is perfect for hoteliers wanting to optimise their property management as much as they can.

eZee attempts to ensure you and your hotel staff are using your products to the fullest capacity, to maximise performance and efficiency. eZee keeps up with the latest technology by continually identifying the latest technological trends which gives it a distinct advantage over the competition.

The eZee property management system has plenty of features to appeal to independent hoteliers and chains alike. These include:

  • Front office module
  • Reservation and group booking management
  • Laundry management
  • Banquet management
  • Housekeeping
  • Mobile app
  • And more!

eZee frontdesk use cases and benefits

Your front desk system will help automate all your property’s operations. This will make many tasks easier, such as sales/bookings, planning, front desk operations, reservations, accounting, revenue management, and other necessary activities.

Some examples of what you can do with eZee include:

Reservations management
All bookings and reservations can be managed in a single window.

Front office tasks
Make sure things like guest details are in order to ensure their experience is seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

Group management
Handle bigger accounts easily in the system, maintaining smooth operation and accurate data.

Profile management
Build profiles for all types of guests to make sure your service is as personalised as it can be.

Manage user privileges
Create different user accounts to ensure the right people are using the products.

Charges and invoicing
Keep on top of charges made to rooms, including taxes and deposits. Accept multiple payments in multiple currencies easily.

Send pre-stay and post-stay emails, promotional messages, and in-house emails.

Use eZee to maintain an efficient housekeeping schedule.

Mobile app
Manage your operations on the go with a smart digital assistant.

eZee absolute front office price and reviews

Prices for eZee absolute will depend on your property size and how many rooms you have. For a property of 10 rooms the cloud hotel management system can be secured for $50/month. For 20 rooms, the price increases to $70.

There are many add-ons that can be chosen for extra fees and special pricing applies to hostels.

Payment is based on a subscription fee only, with no added license fees or hidden charges.

Reviews for eZee are generally favourable, rating at roughly 4.5/5 across most major review sites such as Capterra and Software Advice.

Positive comments revolve around ease of use, flexibility, and support. It’s known for saving time and making many processes much easier.

Cons include some functionality limitations with the mobile app and some reports are not convenient to produce or print.

eZee absolute: Support and training

There is no extra fee for support and eZee can offer various options, with 24/7 live technical support. Along with troubleshooting software queries, onboarding and training, the team also provides client requested enhancements and upgrades.

Live chat, email, and phone support are all available.

One on one training is on hand to assist with product implementation and advice, with options to train any new staff that come on board at the hotel.

A free trial is always available so there’s no risk and no charge before you begin using your product permanently.

eZee integration with a channel manager

The systems you use at your property simply must integrate and work seamlessly together for your business to be successful.

It’s especially important for using eZee with a channel manager.
The most important benefit of a seamlessly integrated hospitality solution is that there will be no troubles of syncing your data. All your information will be in harmony with other systems since there will be a single database which the system will access.

A channel manager is a tool that will allow you to sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites at the same time. It will automatically update your availability in real-time on all sites when a booking is made, when you close a room to sale, or when you want to make bulk changes to your inventory.

It’s an invaluable piece of technology that is guaranteed to save you plenty of time and frustration. You should be able to sell more rooms, optimise revenue generation, and experience less double-bookings when partnered with a good channel manager provider.

Integrating eZee with a channel manager allows inventory, rates and reservations to be controlled directly from within the PMS. Through the interface, the PMS automatically pushes designated inventory, rates and availability to the connected channels, and reservations made through the channel are automatically sent to the PMS, with availability adjusted accordingly.

eZee & SiteMinder channel manager integration

eZee is a complete, fully functional, PMS solution and SiteMinder possesses the world’s most powerful channel manager, so it makes a lot of sense to combine the products at your property. This will ensure your business has the best chance of success.

Data which can be shared between SiteMinder and eZee includes:

  • Inventory
  • Rates
  • Stop-sell Limit
  • Minimum stay
  • Close to arrival / Close to departure
  • Bookings – New, updates & cancellations
  • Payment details

Using SiteMinder’s channel manager will build a link between eZee and your hotel’s chosen booking channels. Two-way integration cuts down the cost of acquiring reservations substantially; for every reservation that is automatically populated, the hotel can then use that time to manage their guests effectively and spend more time on the overall guest experience.

Your PMS and channel manager need to be in sync, communicating via two-way integration to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date. This enables you to control your inventory in a much more sustainable and profitable way.

If you decide eZee is right for you, SiteMinder can be the perfect channel manager partner. Just like eZee, SiteMinder is known for its advanced features and ease of use for customers. The two systems are already used in combination by many hotels around the world to optimise daily operations and increase property revenue, so it’s a proven partnership that will put your hotel ahead of the competition.

Features include:

  • 400+ distribution channels
  • 300+ integrations
  • Automate exchange of rates, availability, and reservations
  • Eliminate manual updating of extranets
  • Advertise on an unlimited number of sites
  • Pooled inventory
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Showcase photos and room information
  • Min/max stays
  • Multiple currency and language
  • Single dashboard for visibility
  • And more!

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