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DACH Winter Special 2022 – Satisfaction | Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the SiteMinder DACH Winter Special 2022 – Satisfaction (Promotion).

1. Definitions

Active Agreement means an Agreement which commences, and has not expired or been terminated, prior to the Promotion Period.

Agreement means an agreement between SiteMinder and the Customer for the supply of the Products.

Eligible Customer means a customer in the Territory who purchases a Product under a New Agreement, and does not include an Existing Customer, a Group Customer or Promoter.

Existing Customer means a customer under an Active Agreement.

Group Customer means a customer that:

  1. is part of an affiliated group of Customers represented by a Promoter; or
  2. manages or owns more than one property.

New Agreement means an Agreement that commences during the Promotion Period and has a minimum term of 12 months.

Product means:


Promoter means a person or entity that negotiates group pricing for Products to be made available to an affiliated group of Customers.

SiteMinder means SiteMinder Distribution Limited.

Subscription Fees means the monthly subscription fees payable by a customer for the Product(s) provided under a New Agreement, excluding any transaction fees.

Term means the term of the New Agreement.

Territory means Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

2. Promotion Period

The Promotion runs from 1st December 2021 to 11.59 pm (GMT) on 31st March 2022 (Promotion Period).

3. Offer


Eligible Customers will receive:

  1. a 100% discount on Subscription Fees for the first 3 months of the Term (Free Period);
  2. a 50% discount on Subscription Fees for the 3 months immediately following the Free Period; and
  3. a refund of 100% of the Subscription Fees if the Eligible Customer is not completely satisfied with the Product(s) within the first 6 months of the Term and terminates the New Agreement within the same period,



Refunds will be processed within 20 business days of SiteMinder receiving written notice of termination of the New Agreement in accordance with the clause 3.1(c).

4. General


To the maximum extent permitted by law, SiteMinder and its related bodies corporate, officers, contractors, agents and employees will not be liable for any loss or damage (including direct, indirect or consequential loss), however arising out of or in connection with the Promotion.


Any personal information collected by SiteMinder in connection with the Promotion will be processed in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at


SiteMinder may, in its sole discretion, cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Promotion.


The Promotion is governed by the laws of England & Wales.