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Groupon and SiteMinder forge enhanced travel experiences with new partnership

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Sydney, Australia – Groupon, Inc. (GRPN), a marketplace where customers discover new experiences and services every day, has today joined forces with SiteMinder, the name behind the only software platform that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels. The collaboration integrates SiteMinder’s platform solution into Groupon’s, streamlining pricing and distribution processes while introducing new offerings for hoteliers and customers.

Groupon-SiteMinder collaboration: enhancing the travel landscape

The integration of SiteMinder’s platform into Groupon’s travel ecosystem marks a significant step, establishing the marketplace as a seamless and low-friction incremental distribution channel for hoteliers.

Brian Heyel, Global Head of Travel at Groupon, explains, “The synergy between Groupon and SiteMinder underscores our commitment to supporting hoteliers. Beyond simplifying pricing and distribution, it extends their reach, providing the flexibility needed in a dynamic market. This collaboration reflects our dedication to developing and curating the best possible supply for our customers while supporting our valued partners in the hospitality sector.”

James Bishop, Vice President for Ecosystem and Strategic Partnerships at SiteMinder, highlights how integrating SiteMinder’s platform with Groupon’s can drive revenue growth for hotels.

“At the heart of this collaboration is a shared goal to open more doors for hotels, giving them wider access to a broader range of guests as international travel accelerates,” says Bishop. “By partnering with Groupon, we are providing our customers the opportunity to feature on a growing platform where more guests are now shopping for stays. This aligns with SiteMinder’s vision to create opportunities for hotels to maximise their revenue and find greater success in an ever-dynamic travel landscape.”

Empowering hoteliers, enriching customer experiences

The strategic partnership highlights benefits for both hoteliers and their guests. Groupon’s integration with SiteMinder reduces friction in interactions with hoteliers, facilitating better deals. This, in turn, grants hotel guests access to a diverse range of properties and destinations, all within a streamlined booking process.

Bishop adds, “Importantly, beyond the seamless integration this partnership brings, our collaboration with Groupon caters to the evolving preferences of today’s traveller. We’ve seen in SiteMinder’s Changing Traveller Report that while almost 60% of travellers globally are looking to travel ‘more’ in the next 12 months, they will now be scouting for rooms differently, with 1-in-5 seeking out packaged deals. Additionally, travellers are prioritising stays that allow them to create memorable moments. By integrating with Groupon, we are enabling our hotels to connect their guests to exclusive, experience-driven offers, designed to deliver them the elevated stay they now crave.”

“The integration of SiteMinder’s powerful solution represents a pivotal moment in Groupon’s transformative journey, offering customers expanded choices for hotels. This reinforces our commitment to personalised and efficient services, enabling effective capacity management and dynamic pricing optimization during sales peaks” shared Brian Heyel, Global Head of Travel at Groupon.

Global integration*: advancements in technology

SiteMinder is the first hotel distribution solution to be rolled out globally by Groupon, the collaboration marking a strategic initiative to elevate industry standards and foster innovation for enhanced travel experiences. Groupon, guided by a comprehensive transformation plan, aims to become a dynamic marketplace where customers discover new daily experiences, empowering local businesses. With around 17 million active customers, Groupon is dedicated to enhancing the underserved local experiences and services market, contributing to a dynamic and prosperous ecosystem.

*SiteMinder will be available for hoteliers in all 13 Groupon markets, with the exception of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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