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India’s Biggest Travel Site – Make My Trip – Partners with SiteMinder

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3.5 million Customers and More than 1000 Hotel Room Nights Booked Every Day

A major expansion for SiteMinder has come with the online distributor becoming the first global channel manager to forge a two-way connection with India’s biggest travel site, MakeMyTrip, which has more than 3.5 million customers and books over 1000 hotel room nights each day.

The new connection – one of the most significant yet for SiteMinder – is a boon for the company’s hotel customers around the world keen to sell their rooms in the rapidly growing Indian travel market, with boasting a 48 per cent share of India’s burgeoning online travel sector.

“SiteMinder is the first global channel manager to achieve two-way booking connectivity with the huge MakeMyTrip reservation site, which provides our global hotel customers with ready access to this very lucrative online market,” said SiteMinder Partnerships Manager, Duncan Waterman.

“As India’s leading online travel agent, MakeMyTrip can now be managed by hotels using SiteMinder’s channel management system, adding to the long list of sites we are already connected to around the world,” Mr Waterman said. “Real-time inventory can now be listed on MakeMyTrip and, in turn, bookings from this site can now be delivered automatically back into hotels’ PMS and CRSs, providing a seamless, two-way connection that will bring great benefits to hoteliers keen to reach bigger online audiences such as India.

“Our new partnership with MakeMyTrip is one of our most important yet, confirming our ability to offer accommodation providers a breadth and depth of online booking networks that can really boost their business. The new connection also underlines SiteMinder’s rapid growth as a premier distribution platform.”

Commenting on the partnership with SiteMinder, MakeMyTrip Senior Vice President, Amit Saberwal, said: “Our partnership with SiteMinder is strategically significant as it establishes two-way connectivity. We see a lot of synergies and a win-win proposition in our mutual association.  As the local market leader, we can and will leverage our considerable network to their advantage. ”

MakeMyTrip was launched in India in 2005, revolutionising the way Indians bought travel. More than 40 per cent of MakeMyTrip’s 3.5 million customers are repeat clients. The website attracts more than 4.5 million unique visits every month and 12,000 flight tickets and 1000 hotel room nights are booked on the site each day.


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