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Leading international channel manager, SiteMinder, today announced new international distribution opportunities for its accommodation operators

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Global Channel Management

SiteMinder today announced new international distribution opportunities for its accommodation operators.

SiteMinder was recently certified by leading European websites and (Hotel Reservation Service) as an integration partner. The new connections allow SiteMinder customers to access bookings in new markets through two of Europe’s largest online booking sites.

The connection to also facilitates distribution to Amadeus, the leading GDS in Europe, giving SiteMinder channel management customers even greater exposure on a global scale to other booking sources such as travel agents.

HRS operates a global electronic hotel reservation system for business and private travelers based on a database of more than 250,000 hotels in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

With the expansion of the Global internet economy, hotels who only use booking sites that serve consumers in their home markets are severely limiting their revenue from online sources. Online booking sites are one of the most cost effective ways to access a global audience and SiteMinder is an industry leader in providing fast, reliable and cost effective channel management technology to easily manage your inventory across these sites. With a monthly investment that is less than the cost of an average room night, any property serious about distribution and participating in the explosion of bookings through online sources should be investigating SiteMinder as a channel management tool.” – Mike Ford, Managing Director, SiteMinder

SiteMinder has aggressively expanded the list of connected channels over the 2009 year. For a list of some of SiteMinder’s major participating channels see

SiteMinder was founded in 2006 and now provides channel management services to nearly 3000 accommodation providers across the world.

For more information on, see:

For more information on HRS, see:


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