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NEHÔ Group appoints SiteMinder to bridge hotel management and guests as it eyes further growth

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London, UK – NEHÔ Group, the French company that offers a new way of hotel management, is adopting technology by SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, to deliver more guests to its managed properties across France and Belgium. The move forms part of the group’s growth strategy, as it looks to expand its portfolio across Europe.

NEHÔ Group has taken over, developed and restored some of France and Belgium’s prized residential real estate in the last five years. With an eye for location, the group is introducing new concepts and enhancing value to its growing portfolio of 17 managed properties and 1,800 rooms.

“Because innovation and evolution are so inherently part of our values, the next step to success, as it is in the world of hospitality, is to get closer to our hotel partners and bring them closer to their guests. SiteMinder helps both us and our hotels to be better, faster and more efficient, which is essential to provide the best possible service to guests every day. In our industry, having the right technology is like having pans in a restaurant; without it, the business simply wouldn’t work,” says Patrick Boero, General Manager at NEHÔ Group.

NEHÔ Group is capitalising on France’s growing US$266 million travel and tourism industry to rebuild, modernise and open both new and existing properties. Technology like SiteMinder’s, it says, is instrumental to continue serving customers and maintaining France as the world’s top travel destination.

“France remains the most visited country in the world, which means the opportunities for hotels are endless. However, the local supply of hotels has grown, so there is also more competition for hotels. What this means is that a focus on the guest is more important than ever. We commend leaders like NEHÔ Group for recognising guests as the priority, and embracing change and innovation. We are pleased to work with the group as they continue to pursue excellence in hotel management and hospitality,” says Antoine Aubrun, Country Manager for France at SiteMinder.

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About SiteMinder
In an age of rising choice and accessibility for curious travellers, SiteMinder exists to liberate hoteliers with technology that makes a world of difference. SiteMinder is the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, ranked among technology pioneers for its smart and simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are, at every stage of their journey. It’s this central role that has earned SiteMinder the trust of more than 35,000 hotels, across 160 countries, to generate in excess of 87 million reservations worth over US$28 billion in revenue for hotels each year. For more information, visit

About NEHÔ Group
Originally from Nice, NEHÔ Group was born in July 2014 from a beautiful meeting that took place a few years earlier, between the two very complementary personalities of Thierry Rochet, President, and Patrick Boero, General Manager. The group is now at the head of 17 hotels and residences in France and Belgium (including the Simon’s Boutique Hotel in Paris, which will open in November 2019) and many other projects to come in Europe. NEHÔ offers a modern vision of the hospitality business thanks to a general manager who is passionate about innovation and who never stops implementing new services, linked with new technologies. For more information, visit


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