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PMS Vendors Hungry for SiteMinder’s Integrated Channel Distribution Solution

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Number of online hotel property management system (PMS) networks extending online reach with SiteMinder tops 25

SiteMinder announced today that its innovative smart ‘plug and play’ technology, pmsXchange, had celebrated the 25th Property Management System to integrate to SiteMinder’s rapidly increasing online distribution network. ‘pmsXchange’ allows hotel PMS and CRS vendors to achieve two-way integration directly between their systems and dozens of the world’s leading bookings sites.

The increase in demand for a streamlined distribution process is behind the popularity of hotel PMS integrations and subsequently pmsXchange, according to SiteMinder’s General Manager for Sales and Marketing, David Williams. “There’s been a large increase in PMS and CRS vendors wanting to seamlessly connect their systems to the world’s top booking sites, however the cost and time of integrating directly to sites is off-putting for many vendors,” Mr Williams said.

“pmsXchange is bridging that divide, helping hotel property management systems (PMS) and CRS providers around the globe close that product gap with ease whilst still providing their customers with a cost-effective solution. What we provide is not just an integration to online booking channels but a full white label solution that allows the PMS or CRS vendor to sell the complete solution as their own in addition to giving them the tools to be able to provide customer support themselves.” Systems catering to properties in all verticals are now connected to pmsXchange, from Opera to VHP to SkyWare and KeepMeBooked and the technology can be connected to with ease. “One of the PMS providers connected in three days!” says Mr Williams.

For a low flat monthly fee, live rates and availability are sent from the PMS/CRS to the world’s leading booking sites via pmsXchange, and reservations from these sites are injected by pmsXchange directly into the hotel PMS/CRS system. As soon as a booking is made, inventory across all of the sites is adjusted accordingly and the reservation is instantly delivered for no charge, which means there is no longer a need for manually re-keying online reservations by hotel staff. “PMS integrations are a huge growth business for us. It’s where the industry is heading and I don’t think it will be long before we connect our 50th PMS to our network,” Mr Williams said.


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