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SiteMinder Activation Readiness Criteria

Within 14 days of receiving the setup request and creating the Reseller Customer Account, SiteMinder will configure and complete the property setup. If the submitted property does not meet our Activation Readiness Criteria below and SiteMinder is unable to configure the account within 14 days as a result, the request will be declined and the Reseller informed.

  • As well as having all mandatory fields completed in your new property request, properties must be ready and committed to activating within our Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 14 calendar days.
  • Depending on the product mix, there are certain criteria specific to the product(s) that must be met in order for SiteMinder’s Onboarding team to activate that property. Please see the table below.
  • Please note, for a property to get the most immediate value from SiteMinder, the contact must complete some additional setup within the 14-day window. We’re here to help: the Onboarding Specialist will let them know what’s required in that first training call.
  • Please ensure that you have agreed to the Organisational Level Agreement (OLA) of your Property Management System. Their expected integration date to test the connection with SiteMinder must be within our SLA.
Product Activation Readiness Criteria SLA
Channel Manager Minimum of 2 live channel/OTA connections (can include a Direct 14 calendar days Booking Channel/Engine, including Airbnb, that integrates with SiteMinder) 14 calendar days
Property Management System Integration
  • Property Management System is actively used by the property and applicable Integration licence is in place for the SiteMinder Channel Manager integration/connection.
  • Integration testing date is booked which must be within the SLA period.
  • Minimum of 1 live channel/OTA connection for PMS integrations to Channel Manager (can be Direct Booking)
14 calendar days
Direct Booking
  • Property must have a place to publish our Direct Booking Engine 14 calendar days such as a live website, Facebook page, Google Business listing or Google Hotel Add or include it in automated marketing campaigns (eg. promo email)
14 calendar days

Failure to meet Activation Readiness Criteria

If the SiteMinder Onboarding Team deems that the above criteria are not met at any time during the 14 calendar day SLA, you (Reseller) will be notified via email of the reason, and the property setup request will be stopped.

Please ensure that you provide your relevant main email contact information that our Onboarding team will be using to notify you.

You may submit a new request again via your Partner Hub once the criteria have been met.