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SiteMinder’s Changing Traveler Report 2021: USA Edition

  Posted in Resources  Last updated 30/11/2023

Last year brought about major shifts in traveler behaviour, reminding us of the importance of understanding guest needs and knowing how to adapt to meet them.

To help with this, SiteMinder’s Changing Traveler Report series brings you inside the plans, behaviours and perspectives of those who journey our world.

This year we surveyed 800 members of the general public from the USA, to uncover:

  • How guest expectations and behaviours are transforming
  • Which key influences are shaping their travel decisions
  • What types of accommodation guests intend to stay in during their upcoming travels
  • How travelers intend to organise their trips in relation to work
  • The level of comfort travelers currently have with their personal data being used

And more!

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