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Profiling ‘The Matchmaker’: Is this your hotel of the future?

  Posted in Hotel Insights  Last updated 30/11/2023

By definition a matchmaker arranges or initiates relationships and brings people together. These are qualities your hotel could possess as you build a successful business plan into the future.

According to research from Deloitte and Doblin, and laid out in SiteMinder’s interactive quiz, hotels in the future will take on specific characteristics to change the shape of the typical hotel service and experience. ‘The Matchmaker’ is one of these.

An overview of ‘The Matchmaker’

As its definition suggests, ‘The Matchmaker’ is an integrator of people and constructs its strategy around allowing guests to help create the culture of the brand, using the existing strengths of the hotel to foster relationships.

‘The Matchmaker’ will have six main personality traits:

  • Connected
  • Personal
  • Interactive
  • Social
  • Intimate
  • Networked

Research reveals that hotel’s of the future may take on the characteristics of 'The Matchmaker’.

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What inspires ‘The Matchmaker’?

‘The Matchmaker’ is passionate about guests who are searching for meaningful interactions while they’re on the road. The hotel will work hard to facilitate personalised connections, socialising, and networking.

For travellers who are regularly on the road, a social life and personal relationships can sometimes take a backseat, exacting an emotional toll on the individual. Often they will seek out places they can find company, conversation, and inspiration to offset the drudgery of solo travel.

‘The Matchmaker’ aspires to solve this issue.

What actions will ‘The Matchmaker’ take?

As a hotel, ‘The Matchmaker’ will perform three important actions.

1. Repurpose the hotel’s space

The existing hospitality and diverse spaces of the hotel are the perfect platform to launch a more intimate and social atmosphere, fighting off the monotony of business travel. The hotel will need to have a buzz about it everywhere the guests go.

2. Facilitate a variety of interactions

It’s important to business travellers that they maximise their time while on the road. ‘The Matchmaker’ will try to support this by making the hotel a worthwhile place to spend time outside of work commitments.

3. Capitalise on the diversity of guests

Travellers are always looking to expand their horizons and increase their knowledge. A hotel has a readymade opportunity for this within the guests staying there. ‘The Matchmaker’ will take cues to create activities and events where people of varying backgrounds can come together and share experiences.

Specific attributes of ‘The Matchmaker’

To put plans into practice, ‘The Matchmaker’ will consist of five major attributes:

1. Connected platform

Technology is moving in such a way that the hotel could transcend the online world of social media to the physical one. This could mean creating a social platform that allows guests in the hotel to connect and communicate with each other at all times.

2. Personal matching

Drawing on data from current guests, the hotel could easily offer customised experiences that meet an individual’s needs and mood. It’s important that hotel staff get to know guests on a personal level so they can tailor their service specifically.

3. Interactive spaces

Both public and private spaces will be expertly designed for collaboration and social gatherings to make the hotel an inviting place to visit and stay.

4. Social events

The hosting of social events will be a common occurrence for ‘The Matchmaker’. Ideally, all activities will be geared towards providing guests with a reason to connect. This might involve outsourcing or partnering with other companies.

5. Networked brand

‘The Matchmaker’ could build a brand platform on the foundation of its networked guests. For example, offering a subscription model to an elite club of the wider network or providing member guest services to extend experiences beyond the hotel.


Does ‘The Matchmaker’ sound like it could be your hotel or are you picturing something different? Take SiteMinder’s Interactive Quiz to find out.


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