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Profiling ‘The Choreographer’: Is this your hotel of the future?

  Posted in Hotel Management  Last updated 23/05/2024

By definition a choreographer is one who composes, plans, and arranges movements and processes to keep everything running smoothly. These are all qualities your hotel could adopt to build a successful business plan into the future.

According to research from Deloitte and Doblin, and laid out in SiteMinder’s interactive quiz, hotels in the future will take on specific characteristics to change the shape of hotel service and experience. ‘The Choreographer’ is one of these.

An overview of ‘The Choreographer’

True to its definition, ‘The Choreographer’ acts as a virtual concierge to oversee and optimise the logistics of a guests’ stay.

The predominant traits surrounding ‘The Choreographer’ are:

  • Convenience
  • Seamless experience
  • Efficiency
  • Automation
  • Virtuality

A future hotel, ‘The Choreographer’ acts as a virtual concierge to oversee the logistics of a guests’ stay

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What inspires ‘The Choreographer’?

‘The Choreographer’ will be motivated by busy travellers, such as corporate guests or large families, that value convenience above all else.

This hotel will try to redefine service by managing the entire travel experience in a painless manner to remove any stress from the guest. For some people, travel is a necessary but thankless task. Commuting from place-to-place in different modes of transport to perform important tasks becomes tiring. As a result, they look for tools and solutions that make their time on the road much easier.

‘The Choreographer’ is a hotel that can provide this satisfaction.

What actions will ‘The Choreographer’ take?

As a hotel, ‘The Choreographer’ will have five important functions.

1. Facilitate a holistically managed travel experience

Regular travellers find the process of booking and managing their travel exhausting. To avoid expelling the mental energy they’ll look for a hotel that can take on a greater portion of this responsibility. ‘The Choreographer’ will move beyond the scope of a normal hotel and place a large focus on logistical travel integration to make decisions easier.

2. Implement technological solutions

Using technology to operate in a virtual sphere allows ‘The Choreographer’ to give guests a signature experience in any hotel, regardless of brand. Technology will help develop new techniques the hotel can use to support the decisions guests have to make.

3. Build new and cheaper booking channels

To bypass third-party booking agencies, hotels need to create a more loyal bond with guests. ‘The Choreographer’ will develop new ways to access travellers directly and offer targeted services to frequent travellers.

4. Simplify the hotel experience

To make travel easier, ‘The Choreographer’ will allow guests to customise their experience. Varying bundled services will be offered so guests can maximise the value of their trip and pay for exactly what they want.

5. Utilise guest information

‘The Choreographer’ will use data and information to make the experience of the trip as automated as possible. Guests want convenience and also a personal touch, so technology will be used to balance automation and personalisation.

Specific attributes of ‘The Choreographer’

To action the above plans, ‘The Choreographer’ will take on five specific attributes.

1. Convenience for groups

Using its virtual services ‘The Choreographer’ could specifically target group and business travel. This might mean offering packages for long-term travel schedules or collaborate with companies to provide unique offers.

2. Seamless loyalty

‘The Choreographer’ allows for disaggregated pricing and bundling services so that guests can purchase the exact services they want to customise their trip.

3. Efficient channels

Sidestepping traditional channels, ‘The Choreographer’ will access guests by building a competitive alliance with other operators to offer a cheaper avenue for travellers.

4. Automated experience

Streamlining the travel and user experience is important for ‘The Choreographer’. It will use data to track preferences and automate booking and travel.

5. Virtual hotel

‘The Choreographer’ redefines the hotel as a virtual service that strips away brands and focuses on connecting guests to hotels and offering streamlined logistics.


Does ‘The Choreographer’ sound like the hotel you want to run in the future? Take SiteMinder’s Interactive Quiz to discover other hotel characteristics.

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By Shine Colcol

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