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Welcome to the new era of hotel commerce.

Join SiteMinder’s CEO & MD Sankar Narayan, as he examines the new era of hotel commerce — and why the world’s one million hotel businesses can’t afford to stay closed to this opportunity. And don’t miss the surprise reveal of our next-generation platform by CPO Inga Latham.

The next generation of SiteMinder: a platform for the future hotelier.

SiteMinder’s co-founder & CTO Mike Rogers, along with CPO Inga Latham, reflect on three generations of SiteMinder. Discover how the product journey so far has responded to travellers’ changing needs in hospitality and technology, to create a platform designed for the hotelier of tomorrow.

SiteMinder’s next-generation platform demonstration.

Be the first to preview our next-gen platform. See how it can save you time, drive more revenue for your hotel, and help you reach more guests — with a faster, smarter, easier, and more enhanced SiteMinder experience. An unmissable session.

How to use and optimise your data.

If you only use data to confirm results, you’re missing a big opportunity to create measurable change by understanding how to read, implement and amplify what your data tells you. STR Managing Director Robin Rossmann and SiteMinder CSO Alex Macoun outline the three-step approach to optimising your data for better decision making.

Find your special something: creating a brand that keeps guests coming back.

Mr & Mrs Smith CEO & Founder James Lohan, and SiteMinder CMO Mark Renshaw discuss why we need to become specialists in being special. Discover what you should never do, how to cater to your multi-faceted guest, and the tips to creating a hotel guests keep coming back for.

Transform Tomorrow

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Selling beyond rooms: making every space a revenue generator.

Industry Expert Tamie Mathews and SiteMinder customer Bruce Ryman share easy, real-life ideas for generating revenue. Move beyond the idea that all you sell is beds, and realise your hotel has a 24/7 opportunity to drive profit.

Personalisation: how to make it work harder for you.

Discover how you can segment and personalise your marketing, to attract the right guest at the right time; and learn how to create targeted campaigns that deliver a personalised guest experience, rewarding your business well into the future.

Product Deep Dive

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Maximise your revenue with ease.

This session will focus on easy optimisations a SiteMinder customer can to maximise their revenue. See a clear path forward for identifying and connecting with the channels that matter most in your local market.

Securing your share of direct bookings.

Uncover the critical steps to ensuring your website and booking engine are optimised to receiving cost-effective bookings directly, by making your booking engine your highest performing channel.