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WebRezPro & SiteMinder

Your guide to integration

Interested in using WebRezPro property management system at your hotel?

WebRezPro is an all-in-one property management system that is built for properties of all sizes and is PCI and EMV compliant.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about WebRezPro and also why it’s so important to integrate with a powerful channel manager. Integration is a vital part of bringing the control of your property into one central hub. By converging the core processes and daily operations you can dramatically decrease admin errors and duplicate data, and save a huge amount of time every day.

Your PMS will do a lot of this but other systems such as channel managers are also essential to run your property smoothly. A channel manager will ensure your inventory is selling and updating in real-time on all your connected online travel agents and your website.

A reliable leading provider like SiteMinder could be the perfect integration for WebRezPro.

What is WebRezPro PMS software?

WebRezPro is a comprehensive all-in-one property management system. This means it includes pretty much everything you would need to run your property, with each feature working seamlessly with the others.

The WebRezPro cloud-based PMS was released in 2003 so now has more than 15 years of industry history and refinement, allowing hotels to improve efficiency, generate revenue, and master guest experience.

Operating out of Calgary, Canada, WebRezPro is designed specifically for the hotel and hospitality industry and can help a range of properties including hotels, inns, lodges, cabins, campgrounds, hostels and vacation rentals.

WebRezPro consists of many front desk features, booking engines, housekeeping, rate management and accounting, and performance reports.

Approximately 1400 properties in 40 countries already use WebRezPro.

Why choose WebRezPro PMS for your property?

WebRezPro can provide coverage across basically the entire guest journey, from booking to check-in, check-out and post-stay.

The front desk software alone has 21 features for hotels to utilise. Some of these include:

  • Alarm calendar
  • Availability calendars
  • Booking options
  • Check-ins and check-outs
  • Email confirmations
  • Gift certificates
  • Guest profiles
  • Payments
  • Reward/loyalty
  • And more!

Choosing a cloud-based system like WebRezPro will allow your hotel to benefit from a large degree of accessibility and flexibility. It will save you time and eliminate technical frustration.

Here are some other reasons why you might choose WebRezPro:

  • Setup is easy
    Because it runs on the internet, you never need to install or update computer software.

  • Affordability
    Saas (Software as a Service) products can often be cheaper than any on site technology that costs money to set up. Upfront costs are minimal and it’s usually just a matter of determining the monthly fee.

  • Integrated reservations
    There’s no need to allocate separate inventory for online and offline bookings.

  • Mobile friendly
    WebRezPro can be accessed from any mobile device, allowing you to manage your property on the run.

  • Data is safe
    Reservation data is stored at Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is secure and helps protect against theft, physical damage, and viruses and malware.

  • Latest integrations
    Today’s modern integrations such as revenue management, channel management, electronic locks, SMS messaging etc are all supported by WebRezPro.

WebRezPro use cases and benefits

WebRezPro will take a guest reservation from check-in to check-out via the following process:

  • Incoming reservation
    In person or telephone bookings are entered into the system by staff. Online bookings are automatically entered into the system.

  • Reservation confirmation
    An email confirmation can be easily sent or one can be printed for the guest. When a guest books online, the reservation can be confirmed automatically or delayed until approved.

  • Prepare for arrival
    The housekeeping feature will let cleaners know which rooms require attention prior to the check-in of new guests.

  • Check-in
    WebRezPro can retrieve the guest’s reservation upon arrival and guests can also check-in using their mobile device.

  • Guest purchases
    Additional charges during the stay can be charged manually by staff or applied automatically through PMS integrations.

  • Check-out
    Outstanding payments can be charged and guests can pay the balance, taking a check-out receipt in the process.

  • Cash out
    At the end of the business day, a variety of reports can be created to ensure everything is recorded accurately and that the business is not losing money.

  • Accounting reports
    All transaction information entered into WebRezPro is automatically captured in the PMS’s integrated accounting software.

    WebRezPro booking engine

    A booking engine is essential if you want to accept direct bookings and is vital to the success of your business.

    WebRezPro promises its booking engine function is easy to use, powerful, and doesn’t charge commission fees.

    There are two options to choose from; parallel and carousel. The parallel booking engine is fast-loading and can be customised with images and background colors. The carousel booking engine displays large room photos and features a unique rate carousel tool, allowing guests to fine tune their stay.

    With an online booking engine, which SiteMinder also offers, you can:

    • Be instantly bookable through your hotel website and social media
    • Reduce dependency on third-party booking sites
    • Own the guest relationship at every stage
    • Advertise hot deals and last-minute rates
    • Get booked by guests on their mobile devices
    • Upsell with promotions and packages
    • Send nurture emails pre- and post-stay
    • Update your rates, availability and special offers across all your systems
    • Receive instant payments with payment gateway options that deliver straight into your bank account
    • Generate reports on your booking performance, trends and sources
    • And more!

    For guests, they’ll be able to see real-time availability, purchase optional extras and products, see photos and slideshows, view rooms in multiple currencies and languages, receive instant reservation confirmations, and book anytime from anywhere.

    WebRezPro reviews

    Across major review sites such as Software Advice, Capterra, and Hotel Tech Report, reviews for WebRezPro are generally positive. The average overall rating across the three sites is 4.5/5.

    Pros for the software include:

    • Ease of use
    • Integration capability
    • Customer support
    • Functionality and user interface

    Cons for the software include:

    • Doesn’t integrate with VR software
    • Load time on calendar
    • Lack of payment processing options

    Some tangible feedback includes reviewers saying “I could not imagine doing our business without WebRezPro” while another states “We have had WebRezPro implemented for 3+ years. It is so far superior to our prior property management systems.’

    On the flipside, one reviewer says “Mobile interface for the OWNER is awful! I only use it on my laptop.”

    Given the consistently high praise across three review sites, we can position WebRezPro as one of the better PMS options on the market.

    WebRezPro price

    WebRezPro states its service is available for just $5/month/room (with a minimum $60/month charge) — with barely any upfront costs.

    This monthly fee pays for:

    • Full property management system
    • Complete accounting system
    • Automatic reservation data back-up
    • No-fee booking engine
    • Integrated housekeeping software
    • Regular software updates
    • Telephone and email support

    Additional fees apply for access to special modules and interfaces such as GDS/OTAs/POS etc.

    WebRezPro support

    Customer support for WebRezPro is based throughout Canada, where the company’s headquarters are situated.

    Business hours for phone support are listed as being from 8am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time (MST), Monday to Friday.

    Email support is also available, with a maximum response time of three hours, 7 days a week, 8am to 9pm MST.

    WebRezPro software integration with a channel manager

    The systems you use at your property simply must integrate and work seamlessly together for your business to be successful.

    It’s especially important for using WebRezPro with a channel manager.

    A channel manager is a tool that will allow you to sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites at the same time. It will automatically update your availability in real-time on all sites when a booking is made, when you close a room to sale, or when you want to make bulk changes to your inventory.

    It’s an invaluable piece of technology that is guaranteed to save you plenty of time and keep your stress levels healthy. You should be able to sell more rooms, optimise revenue generation, and experience significantly less double-bookings with a good channel manager provider.

    Integrating WebRezPro with a channel manager allows inventory, rates and reservations to be controlled directly from within the PMS. Through the interface, the PMS automatically pushes designated inventory, rates and availability to the connected channels, and reservations made through the channel are automatically sent to the PMS, with availability adjusted accordingly.

    About the WebRezPro PMS & SiteMinder channel manager integration

    WebRezPro is a market leading PMS solution and SiteMinder possesses the world’s most powerful channel manager, so it makes a lot of sense to pair the products together. This will ensure your business has the best chance of success.

    In fact, reviews on Capterra talk about this integration with one user stating:

    “Our integration between WebRezPro and Siteminder was a big step for us as a small business. The real-time two-way interface between the two software programs allows us to seamlessly manage rates and inventory with all our OTAs without having to actually manage each OTA in their respective extranet.”

    Data which can be shared between SiteMinder and WebRezPro includes:

    • Inventory
    • Rates
    • Stop-sell Limit
    • Minimum stay
    • Close to arrival / Close to departure
    • Bookings – New, updates & cancellations
    • Payment details

    Using SiteMinder’s channel manager will build a link between WebRezPro and your hotel’s chosen booking channels. Two-way integration cuts down the cost of acquiring reservations substantially; for every reservation that is automatically populated, the hotel can then use that time to manage their guests effectively and spend more time on the overall guest experience.

    There are many other advantages of two-way integration, such as retaining revenue that would otherwise have been lost due to delayed cancellations, and increasing revenue by maximising online exposure with automated inventory and rate updates.

    WebRezPro property management system & SiteMinder

    Using WebRezPro will give you powerful control over your property management thanks to its all-in-one nature. Daily operations will be a breeze and keeping track of all your data will be simple.

    However, one important element will still be missing; a channel manager. To stay competitive in today’s market a channel manager should nearly be your first investment. A channel manager will allow you to reach and sell to travellers much more effectively but you shouldn’t manage this process manually.

    Your PMS and channel manager need to be in sync, communicating via two-way integration to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date. This enables you to control your inventory in a much more sustainable and profitable way.

    If you decide WebRezPro is the right PMS for you, SiteMinder can be the perfect channel manager partner. Just like WebRezPro, SiteMinder is known for its advanced features and ease of use for customers. The two systems are already used in combination by many hotels around the world to optimise daily operations and increase property revenue, so it’s a proven partnership that will put your hotel ahead of the competition. One example can be seen here on Capterra; “Our integration between WebRezPro and SiteMinder was a big step for us as a small business. The real-time two-way interface between the two programs allows us to seamlessly manage rates and inventory.”

    Features of SiteMinder include:

    • 400+ distribution channels
    • 300+ integrations
    • Automate exchange of rates, availability, and reservations
    • Eliminate manual updating of extranets
    • Advertise on an unlimited number of sites
    • Pooled inventory
    • Detailed performance reports
    • Showcase photos and room information
    • Min/max stays
    • Multiple currency and language
    • Single dashboard for visibility
    • And more!

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