Online Distribution Channels

SiteMinder gives you unprecedented reach to global and regional markets with real-time online distribution to online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDSs), wholesalers and a hotel’s own website.

Online Travel Agencies | Wholesalers | Global Distribution Systems | Hotel Booking Engines

Online Travel Agencies

Online travel agencies are the fastest-growing distribution channel of the travel industry. There is a massive opportunity for hotels to reach and attract guests all over the world. SiteMinder is here to help with the cloud platform that enables hotels of all sizes to reach guests globally and regionally to get booked faster online. With our two way integration and pooled inventory all your rooms are online at once, increasing your revenue.


Wholesalers play a key role in online distribution strategies sitting between travel agents and travel suppliers. They source and package products and negotiate rates. The SiteMinder cloud platform for hotels automates room inventory and rate updates from wholesalers to your property management system (PMS). Keeping everything in sync and eliminating manual entry.

Global Distribution Systems

Global distribution systems (GDSs) are the originators of our industry and still the most prevalent. The SiteMinder cloud platform gives hotels a single connection to a six-figure network of travel agents for unparalleled exposure of your room inventory

Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel’s website is one of the most important channels for promoting a hotel and is essential to delivering commission free direct bookings. The SiteMinder cloud platform integrates with the world’s leading hotel booking engines in real-time updating room inventory and rates automatically.


Find out how to go global with your online distribution.