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Brady Hotels & Apartments gains game-changing support and success with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 17/06/2024

Brady Hotels

Brady Hotels & Apartments is an independent hotel group owned and operated out of Melbourne, Australia. With four locations in the heart of the city, Brady Hotels is characterised by its genuine service and authenticity.

Guests at Brady properties will always feel the personal touch and be guided while on their stay to enjoy the best sights, sounds, and dining experiences available.

Founded in 2014, the group quickly expanded to the four locations it holds today, which are all in close proximity to transport, entertainment, restaurants and bars.

We recently spoke to Alexandra Rolton, Strategic Sales & Key Account Manager, about the group’s operations and how it has been utilising SiteMinder’s platform to optimise operations and revenue strategies.

“We provide versatile accommodations which allow us to work with both long and short term guests,” she said. “Our properties excel in the leisure market, delivering exceptional value for those seeking a vibrant city escape. Additionally, our strategic locations make us a preferred choice for corporate clients.”

“We have embraced technology to enhance our guests’ experience, offering pre-arrival welcome emails, online check-in and express check-out services. This innovation allows our staff to focus on genuine, personalised interactions with guests upon arrival and throughout their stay,” Alexandra explained.

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Smart solutions make difficult work easy

Brady Hotels has been particularly impressed by a few of SiteMinder’s most powerful features; the Channel Manager, Insights, and Global Distribution System (GDS).

A channel manager gives hotels unlimited access to third-party booking channels, while automating inventory management to reduce manual work and mitigate the risk of double bookings.

“SiteMinder’s channel manager has streamlined our bookings and inventory management,” mentioned Alexandra. “It’s especially improved efficiency, since it allows us to manage four properties at once by eliminating manual updates.”

“On top of that, it enhances our revenue management through dynamic pricing, optimising room rates based on demand, season, and events,” she continued. “It expands market reach by connecting with various online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and direct booking channels, increasing visibility and bookings.”

“The most important factor for Brady Hotels & Apartments is that we are now confidently able to maintain rate parity, building guest trust with uniform pricing.”

Insights is a business intelligence tool that delivers real-time data so that hoteliers can track market changes, optimise their prices, and keep an eye on the competition.

The GDS is ideal for unlocking business travel success, providing connection to the best corporate travel programs, including the opportunity to join preferred hotel programs and host more meetings and events for corporate clients.

“We collaborate closely with the SiteMinder team to implement effective market strategies via the GDS,” said Alexandra. “This includes creating length-of-stay offers and seasonal promotional rates, which we adjust as needed to align with business and market demands. We also maintain rate parity with our consortia preferred rates and offer a 24 hour cancellation policy.”

“Beyond distribution, we leverage a combination of intelligence reports and data capture to identify and pursue new corporate business opportunities through our business development teams.”

What stands out about SiteMinder’s platform is that it seamlessly integrates its features in one dashboard, allowing hoteliers full control and visibility over their operations. With smart automation, real-time data processing, and two-way communication to a broader ecosystem of connections and partners, properties can effectively optimise time and productivity.

Dedicated support leads to a strong relationship

With the team at SiteMinder committed to ensuring every property is set up for success, the sign-up and onboarding process is critical. We want to make sure hoteliers can hit the ground running with their powerful new features.

For Brady Hotels, things couldn’t have gone better.

“The ongoing support and assistance from the team, with regular meetings to discuss GDS performance has been amazing,” Alexandra said. 

“Lata is very responsive with providing ad hoc advice and reporting as required, along with discussing the insights from this data. It has allowed us to feel in control and make the most of the feature.”

Thank you, Alexandra, for your valued feedback and we wish Brady Hotels & Apartments all the best in the future!


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