Revenue Management

Effective revenue management is one of the most important aspects of running your hotel. You need to make intelligent pricing decisions to drive more guests and profit to your property.

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On-demand webinar: The fundamentals of revenue management

SiteMinder, with Revenue By Design, hosted a webinar about the fundamentals of revenue management and how to make your strategy a success.

Your hotel’s ultimate A-to-Z guide to revenue management

This free guide will help your hotel understand every aspect that goes into creating a successful hotel revenue management strategy.

SiteMinder & Sojern Hotel Revenue Report: “Being a data-driven hotelier means tapping into many sources”

SiteMinder has joined forces with travel marketing experts Sojern to produce the hotel industry report ‘How hoteliers can use data to drive more revenue’. Let’s take a look…

Hotel implements an effective revenue management strategy

Effective revenue management strategies for hotels

Implementing an effective revenue management strategy is vital to the success of your hotel business. We discuss the things you need to consider when creating revenue management strategies for your hotel…

SiteMinder & Sojern Hotel Revenue Report: “There’s plenty of opportunity to find guests online”

SiteMinder has joined forces with travel marketing experts Sojern to produce the hotel industry report ‘How hoteliers can use data to drive more revenue’. Let’s take a look…

Hotel employs effective strategy to sell more rooms

Essential strategies to increase your hotel room sales

For a hotel business, increased room sales mean more revenue and profitability. These strategies from SiteMinder reveal how you can book more hotel rooms.

Hotel Increasing Occupancy

How to increase your hotel’s occupancy rate

As a key performance indicator for your business, it’s important that you understand how to calculate and improve your hotel’s occupancy rate.

Hotel accurately pricing hotel room

Why you don’t need to be a data-scientist to price your hotel rooms accurately

Hotel room pricing is never easy to perfect, but you don’t need to be a genius or trained data-scientist to get it right at your property.

Guest booking hotel in advance

How far do hotel guests book in advance?

Booking lead times are getting shorter, making it harder for hotels to manage and forecast their revenue. Here are the figures you need to know and ways to solves the issue.

Hotel using room pricing intelligence to manage distribution

Why your hotel’s channel manager needs the help of a room pricing tool

To quickly set your rates across all your distribution channels, your channel manager software will need the help of a hotel room pricing tool.

Local hotels compete for guests and market competitiveness

Competing with the local hotel market: 5 ways you can stay on top

Maintaining competitiveness in the local hotel market is a constantly and increasingly difficult challenge. These tips from SiteMinder will help you stay on top.

Revenue management for hotels

How to price your hotel rooms (when you’re not a revenue manager)

While revenue management can be complex and time-consuming, there are clever ways to make life easier as you strategise your hotel’s pricing. Explore these tips from SiteMinder.

A hotelier determining their RevPAR from GOPAR

Do you know your RevPAR from your GOPPAR?

Are there too many revenue management metrics? Find out which ones you should be tracking and why.

revenue management Prophet

Meet the creators: SiteMinder’s Mike Rogers says Prophet “is not a revenue management system, it’s a recommendation system”

The Channel Manager and Prophet are SiteMinder’s oldest and newest products respectively. CTO Mike Rogers discusses the virtues of the hotel tech solutions.

Free Infographic: 5 ways to get ahead of your local hotel competition

How closely do hotels watch their local competition? SiteMinder gives you 5 quick wins to stay ahead of your competitors.

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