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Golden Collection Hotels partners with SiteMinder to boost revenue by 30%

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 7/05/2024

With four years in operation, Golden Collection Hotels is dedicated to developing innovative strategies to help independent hotels compete with large companies in the travel industry. The brand specialises in boutique hotels and are currently working with more than 20 properties to help increase their sales.

We spoke to Christopher Ramirez, CEO and Managing Director about the mission and his experience with SiteMinder’s platform.

“My passion for luxury hospitality started in 2013. When I discovered SiteMinder in 2017, it all made sense to me in terms of strategy. I saw an opportunity to bring distribution and sales to these hidden gems in Mexico.”

The lack of effective systems

Before adopting SiteMinder’s platform, most of the hotels that Golden Collection worked with were independently owned and lacked an effective distribution system. Many managed their rates, inventory and reservations manually, which was inefficient and increased the chances of making mistakes.

Implementing SiteMinder has proven critical, as they can now launch properties across multiple channels, distribute prices and manage restrictions quickly and efficiently.

Greater performance, less effort

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The power of a smart platform

An essential part of the partnership Golden Collection has with its clients is providing hotels with immediate feedback on their performance. The team uses SiteMinder’s Insights to keep hotels up to date with key statistics, such as their production by channel, reservation sources and rate plan performance.

Hotels that have introduced revenue and sales strategies alongside SiteMinder’s distribution have experienced up to 17% growth in occupancy in the first few months. This is mainly because working with SiteMinder is quick and easy. Segment diversification and dynamic revenue strategies are easy to apply with the help of SiteMinder’s data and functionality.

“On average, hotels show revenue growth of up to 30% in the first few months of the year,” said Christopher.

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for Golden Collection Hotels. Its diverse rate plans, exclusive offers and flexible cancellation policies ensure there’s always something on offer for every market segment. SiteMinder makes creating multiple rate plans easy and channel syncing is almost immediate.

Golden Collection Hotels strives to maintain excellence and efficiency in all its processes. Implementing SiteMinder has also drastically reduced staff learning curves, which in turn has reduced the costs associated with staff turnover and training on multiple platforms.

Excellence in luxury hospitality

Partnering with SiteMinder has allowed Golden Collection Hotels to improve distribution and channel management, providing a seamless booking experience for guests at all hotels in the portfolio. This aligns perfectly with their commitment to delivering exceptional luxury hospitality.

“The support team is quick and efficient, so our staff can be sure that an expert is always just a click away,” mentioned Christopher.

Thank you Christopher for sharing your results and we wish Golden Collection Hotels all the best in the future!


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