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Nira Caledonia’s mission thrives with the help of SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 12/04/2024

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Nira Caledonia, one of many properties in the portfolio of Shanti Hospitality, exists to provide a sanctuary for worldly, well-travelled guests who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. 

Encompassing hotels, restaurants, and other leisure investments, Shanti Hospitality spans four continents with a truly global team contributing to its ongoing success.

At Nira Caledonia, a 27-room boutique hotel located in the heart of Edinburgh, there’s a constant drive towards excellence when it comes to traveller experiences, guest satisfaction, and creating a rich cultural community.

Aditi Secci Moretti, Emea Senior Sales & Marketing executive at Shanti Hospitality, said art lovers and city explorers are a particular focus.

“Our hotel is located in the heart of New Town, which is a UNESCO heritage area. The building itself is a historical landmark, dating back to 1823, and was once the home of Christopher North, the pen name of the Blackwood’s Magazine author,” she explained.

“Our service is personal, cosy, and intimate, providing warm luxury to guests. We believe in the importance of details and a soft touch of personalisation to create a memorable experience for our guests.”

Part of that equation is ensuring backend operations run smoothly and effectively to meet business goals.

We also asked Aditi about how SiteMinder’s platform has helped the team succeed in its mission.

Nira Caledonia

A trusted, long-term, relationship

Nira Caledonia has been investing in SiteMinder’s platform for the past nine years, establishing superior distribution and booking strategies to grow revenue and become more efficient.

Initially, features such as payment processing, metasearch, and business intelligence were being used to great success. Payment processing creates fast, secure, and seamless cash flow, metasearch boosts direct bookings via popular sites like Google Hotel Ads and Trivago, and business intelligence allows access to real-time market and pricing data to enable better revenue strategies.

Aditi explained that these features were an essential part of the property’s strategy.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new guests in the competitive leisure market. Since guests seldom return, it is crucial to target new potential customers who are pre-screened,” she explained. “Metasearch is helping us to establish a connection between our Property Management System (PMS) and our products such as rates and packages, to make it easy for potential customers to go from viewing our offerings to booking them.”

“On the payment side, we’re making it easier for guests to book and pay for their stay by simplifying the booking process and reducing the number of steps involved. SiteMinder’s payment solution is helping us save time for our potential clients, which is a way to make it immediately beneficial for them to stay with us.”

The property recently also added SiteMinder’s Guest Engagement feature to the mix.

Guest Engagement allows properties to establish a closer guest relationship, communicate and personalise more effectively, and increase the revenue gained from each individual guest.

“We were really looking for an easier way to communicate with guests and a better way to push products and information to our guests, while staying on brand,” remarked Aditi.

Thanks to SiteMinder’s simple interface, automated processing, and sophisticated functionality, Nira Caledonia’s requirements were easily met.

Nira Caledonia

Smooth and successful user experience

With SiteMinder’s Guest Engagement bringing unity to guest communication, personalisation, upselling, and relationship management, Nira Caledonia has been able to establish an even stronger version of its brand mission.

“Having everything in one platform has saved us so much time,” said Aditi. “It’s easy to understand and the tools are simple to use, so we can complete tasks painlessly.”

“In addition, the ability to interact personally with guests to offer enticing upsells and add-ons is exciting for our business and helps us hit our goals,” she added.

With SiteMinder’s platform allowing Nira Caledonia to bring everything from guest engagement, to distribution, to revenue processing, and market insights into one hub, the future has never looked brighter.

Thank you Aditi for your feedback and we wish Nira Caledonia the best of luck in the future!


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