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Potato Head Suites & Studios enjoys a booking surge of up to 38% thanks to SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 13/03/2024

Travellers looking for gems on the Island of the Gods will discover that Potato Head Suites & Studios is a must-visit destination. Located in Seminyak, Indonesia, Potato Head Suites & Studios is luxury beach accommodation just a few steps from Batu Belig Beach.

The property houses 225 rooms, 167 of which are studios and the rest are suites. This luxury accommodation offers a number of guest amenities in the form of free bicycles, an outdoor swimming pool and a large garden area. The resort is also open to the public: providing private rooms and facilities, as well as public spaces. 

In 2023, Potato Head Suites & Studios was ranked 40th in The World’s 50 Best Hotels. Recognition from The World’s 50 Best, one of the most prestigious hotel and restaurant awards in the industry, affirms its position as a premier destination in Bali.

Potato Head’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the B Corporation certification they achieved through the B Impact Assessment. This recognition underscores the dedication to promoting environmental sustainability and setting new standards in the hospitality industry.

We caught up with the team to discuss recent success and how SiteMinder has been a big help along the way.

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The absence of adequate system support

Despite establishing brand excellence, daily operations at Potato Head Suites & Studios were plagued by operational troubles due to the lack of capable management systems.

Dimitri Swandanu, E-Commerce Manager, explained that the accommodation has many rooms and requires a complex system for creating room types and yield rules.

“This is difficult to do if it is not supported by an adequate system,” he said. “A system that is not complex cannot help much; it will only burden the team with manual work.”

Moreover, Dimitri understands very well that as a resort, Potato Head Suites & Studios has many requirements in order to market rooms. This is one of the reasons the accommodation chose to rely on SiteMinder’s platform.

“Only SiteMinder is able to fulfil the requirements we have,” he said.

Dimitri explained that Potato Head Suites & Studios decided to adopt SiteMinder’s channel manager in 2020.

“SiteMinder has a lot of connectivity to various channels & ecosystem partners,” he said. “Besides that, the customer support is also good.”

Bookings jumped 38%, revenue & occupancy increased

According to Dimitri, Potato Head Suites & Studios experienced a pleasing increase in bookings after using SiteMinder.

“Reservations, from our websites and OTAs, increased by 38% from 2022 to 2023 after using SiteMinder,” he explained.

Furthermore, SiteMinder’s channel manager also helps the resort solve issues related to building room types & yield rules.

“Potato Head is now able to build room types & yield rules easily, so it can increase occupancy and revenue in general,” Dimitri continued. 

The yield rules from SiteMinder’s channel manager also allowed the business to concentrate more closely on profitable strategies.

“We can focus on a dynamic rates strategy which will help boost revenue,” Dimitri said.

Satisfaction rate exceeds 100%

The team has also been able to maximise sales due to room distribution across various channels.

“Apart from that, our team also reduces manual work thanks to SiteMinder,” he said.

This is important to Dimitri because now his team can focus on other strategies.

Not only are Dimitri and his team satisfied, he admits the visitors also welcome the positive changes that SiteMinder brought.

“Customers admit they are 110% satisfied, since everything is now more seamless using the SiteMinder channel manager,” he concluded.

Thank you Dimitri! SiteMinder is honoured to be a part of Potato Head Suites & Studios’ success story.


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