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SiteMinder and Fusion Hotel Group: A recipe for success in hospitality

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 18/03/2024

In 2008, the visionary minds behind Fusion Hotel Group began their quest to redefine the principles of hotels and resorts. They dared to ask, “What if we could make the world a happier and healthier place?” The answer to this question paved the way for the birth of a groundbreaking idea in Vietnam’s hospitality industry.

Today, with 24 properties across Vietnam and Thailand, Fusion has evolved into a collection of wellness-inspired accommodation options, each offering a unique and premium experience. It has removed the fuss, formality, and routine often associated with traditional hotels, replacing it with a down-to-earth style of hospitality.

Fusion’s approach to enhancing guest experience revolves around the three product proposition 

  • Distinctive, unique, creative spaces and services – we’re Original
  • A spirit of wellness in all we do and deliver to guests – we embrace Wellbeing
  • Relaxed and friendly service through our Fusionista – we Nurture our guests

These are guided by the following credo:

  • To continuously challenge ourselves to develop distinct products and guest experiences
  • Think outside the box and not be bound by accepted conventions
  • Strive for constant progress and never be satisfied
  • Create a sense that time need not always be defined and to live the moment, like “Breakfast Anytime Anywhere”

SiteMinder spoke to Fusion’s E-commerce Manager, Vu Thanh, about the group’s journey and the impact of using a leading hotel platform to manage operations.

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Joining forces with SiteMinder

Vu Thanh has been a part of the Fusion team since 2018, overseeing e-commerce strategies for individual hotels, maximising online revenue, and ensuring that guest expectations are met.

With Fusion adopting SiteMinder’s channel manager way back in 2008, she inherited the evolved SiteMinder platform when she joined the group and has had nothing but good experiences.

“Fortunately, when I joined, all properties were using SiteMinder so I didn’t have too many challenges when managing our room rates, it helped a lot in time management & cost efficiency.” she explained.

With more than a decade of partnership, SiteMinder has helped revolutionise Fusion’s distribution and revenue strategies. The efficiency, reliability, and ease of use have significantly streamlined their operations, eliminating the need for manual rate adjustments on multiple channels.

With features such a channel manager, booking engine, and business intelligence tool, SiteMinder has played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and optimised online presence for Fusion properties.

Why SiteMinder? Why not!

When asked why SiteMinder is the best technology choice for Fusion Hotel Group, Vu Thanh had a counter-question for all hoteliers in the industry:

“Why have you not chosen SiteMinder yet? SiteMinder is the biggest global hotel commerce platform and we take note that it was awarded #1 Hotelier’s Choice Award, #1 Best Hotel eCommerce Platform, #1 Best Channel Manager, and #1 Best Booking Engine at the HotelTechAwards 2023,” she said.

“SiteMinder reduces so much complexity for us and helps us optimise our business for growth. Without the channel manager, for instance, it would take around two hours per channel to input all our required seasonal rates and restrictions. So for six channels including, Agoda, Expedia and more, it would take us 12 hours to ship new rates and restrictions to live. With SiteMinder, it takes two,” Vu Thanh continued.

“We can also review our rates via SiteMinder’s insights to ensure parity across all channels, and get reports on the revenue generation of channels for each property.”

With such an emphasis on efficiency and functionality, SiteMinder continues to be a valued technology partner for Fusion Hotel Group and 40,000 other hotels around the world.

Thank you for your kind words Vu Thanh, and keep up the great work!


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