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SiteMinder gives RegiÔtels the tools to help a full portfolio of hotels

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 19/03/2024


RegiÔtels is a business-to-business (B2B) service that helps small and medium independent hotels across the world gain greater control over their online marketing, sales and marketing, revenue management, and online distribution.

With specific goals to grow direct business, find new customers, and increase revenue for their clients, RegiÔtels is the perfect partner for independent hotels.

To complement the expert team at his disposal, managing director Gregory Tugendhat wanted to find a technology partner that could support his clients even more.

Wishlist for a simple full-scale technology suite

Given the diversity of services RegiÔtels offers to hotels, Gregory needed a technology provider which could provide solutions across the same areas.

“We needed a system that prioritised connectivity and ease-of-use,” he said.

Top of the list was SiteMinder and soon RegiÔtels was utilising SiteMinder’s entire range of products to help its customers, including:

SiteMinder and RegiÔtels a match made in heaven for hoteliers

The combination of such an optimised tool with a highly skilled team meant clients of Regiotels could hit the ground running. Within the first month RegiÔtels had set up multiple hotels with SiteMinder, connecting them with over 25 channels, creating seven brilliant new websites, and installing eight direct booking engines.

Gregory said it was a perfect start.

“SiteMinder is obviously an easy tool to use, and the product suite realises its full potential thanks to RegiÔtels’ expert team monitoring and adjusting it based on each hotel partner’s unique situation and needs.”

“Thanks to weekly follow-ups with the hotel’s staff and customised setup of the SiteMinder tools we are capable of accelerating the positive benefits of the hotels technology investment while taking away their manual configuration tasks,” he explained.

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Positive results achieved thanks to a fruitful partnership

The most important questions to answer were if SiteMinder had helped increase bookings for the hotels, and if the hotels had achieved greater revenue.

For Gregory, both questions could be answered with a categorical yes. He added that Regiotels couldn’t have asked for anything more.

“We are delighted with the SiteMinder partnership as it enables us to assist our mutual hotel customers to take that extra step and achieve success.”


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