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V8 Hotel Köln at MOTORWORLD accelerates success with SiteMinder

  Posted in Case Studies  Last updated 18/03/2024

V8 Hotel Köln at MOTORWORLD in Cologne, Germany, typifies passion and unique experiences.

With real enthusiasm for the V8 engine, Hotel Köln at MOTORWORLD provides guests with car suites, transport-themed rooms, and direct access to Motorworld Köln-Rheinland, with its unique event areas, the Michael Schumacher Private Collection, and a wide range of food options.

Suitable for families, car fanatics, and even travellers on business trips with four beautiful restaurants – every guest will have a unique experience.

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SiteMinder solves connection priorities

Maurice Nickelsburg, General Manager at V8 Hotel Köln, has a lot to juggle day-to-day so can’t be held back by time constraints. This means being able to distribute rooms and manage reservations automatically – something SiteMinder could easily help with.

“We needed an opportunity to connect our hotel to OTAs, wholesalers, and the GDS,” explained Maurice.

“Since we switched to SiteMinder, we saved a lot of time due to the fact that we manage all channels from one platform.”

It’s this time saved and ease of use that makes SiteMinder so powerful – it gives hoteliers the freedom to focus on the priorities they are passionate about, instead of being bogged down by admin.

“SiteMinder has been tremendous in meeting our challenges,” said Maurice. “Due to our positive experience we adopted SiteMinder at several of our properties.”

“The dashboard is a great tool to get a quick overview of the channel performance and an indicator of the function on all channels.”

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New platform beckons an even better experience

With SiteMinder’s platform becoming an all new experience, bringing hotel commerce under one roof to give hoteliers complete control over their business, properties like V8 Hotel Köln are excited.

“The new platform will help us further by saving extra steps and simplifying the usage,” said Maurice.

“It will make it much easier for a wider range of employees to use. I think everyone needs to consider SiteMinder as one of the market leading and most innovative systems.”

Thank you Maurice and keep up the great work V8 Hotel Köln!


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