Connect to Airbnb with Channel Manager

Airbnb is now live on SiteMinder’s Channel Manager

Airbnb embraces hotels and co-develops with SiteMinder the first real-time connection between a channel manager and Airbnb

On February 7th we announced with Airbnb that we are Airbnb’s first Global Hotel Technology Partner. We also announced that we have jointly developed with Airbnb technology that for the first time allows boutique hotels and B&Bs to have a real-time connection of room rates and availability between Airbnb and a hotel’s property management system (PMS). This new connection has been highly anticipated and SiteMinder is excited to announce that it is now live!

How does it work?

SiteMinder customers can apply to be listed on Airbnb through their Channel Manager. If they are approved by Airbnb, SiteMinder will add Airbnb as an online channel for distributing room rates and availability. You will need to add your hotel content (pictures, descriptions etc) and then you will be reviewed by Airbnb. It’s that simple. (Please note that non-customers must be active in a free trial with at least one other live online channel to initiate an Airbnb application.)

What types of hotels is Airbnb looking for?

Airbnb is looking for boutique hotels and B&Bs that offer a “unique” guest experience, such as highly-rated independent hotels with guest rooms with personal touches, locally relevant or unique amenities, and knowledgeable owners/hosts available on the property full-time. Not all hotels will be accepted, and we strongly encourage hotels to consider their fit before beginning the application.

Not sure if your hotel meets the above criteria? Make an enquiry with Airbnb directly.

When is it available?

Right now! Airbnb is a live connection on SiteMinder’s Channel Manager.

If you are interested in finding out more, please download our FAQ here and fill out the form to the right. We will be in touch.

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Why choose SiteMinder for your Airbnb channel manager

Fully integrated
The only channel manager with a full two-way, real-time sync with Airbnb to keep availability and rates updated.

Save time and money
It’s easy to set up and you’re in complete control, sending all of your content through to Airbnb. No manual updating required.

It’s instant
Real time processing and delivery of your hotel’s Airbnb reservations

Full support
Get local access to SiteMinders support team across the world.