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Complete guide: What to look for in a hotel channel manager [Free ebook]

  Posted in eBooks  Last updated 1/05/2024

A channel manager is one of the most vital pieces of technology your hotel can invest in. It’s the only way to successfully tap into and manage the endless online booking marketplace.

A channel manager allows you to distribute all your rooms across as many Online Travel Agents (OTAs) channels as you like at the same time; with automatic, two-way, and real-time inventory updates communicated to your PMS.

Given there are many providers who offer channel managers, not all are going to prove suitable for your property.

Learn how to choose the best channel management solution for your hotel in this free eBook.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you need a channel manager
  • How a channel manager fits into your hotel tech stack
  • What features you need
  • Standalone vs platform

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