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Insights – Real-time hotel business intelligence

Win your local market with real-time, actionable insights.

Integral to our hotel commerce platform, Insights offers you a new way forward, making sure every business move you make is based on intelligent, real-time data. At a time when competition is fierce, having accurate and clear data at hand can be the difference your hotel needs.

All the information you need to succeed.

Real-time insights

As demand fluctuates, make smarter and more impactful pricing and distribution decisions.

Data you can trust

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and save time with highly accurate data, easily available from a single place.

Stay ahead of your competition

Take advantage of competitor insights to ensure you’re always offering the most competitive rate for your rooms.

A single integrated platform

Easily generate valuable insights from SiteMinder. No need to build custom integrations or processes.

Stay on top of your competition.

Like-for-like room rate comparisons

With up to 10 competitors in a single dashboard view, it’s easy to know your competitor’s like-for-like room rates.

Real-time rate intelligence

Easily monitor and spot trends against your competition and identify their pricing strategies.

Unlimited daily rate shops

Drive and convert more bookings when you have the confidence to accurately price your rooms.

More direct bookings with rate parity insights.

See your rates as your guests see them

Real-time comparison of your rates across leading global OTAs.

The right deal to attract and convert direct bookings

Drive more direct bookings by adjusting your direct offering to be more compelling than third parties.

Eliminate rate disparity

Identify when your rates vary across different sales channels and fix them in no time.

It’s easier to plan ahead.

Channel and performance reports

Leverage channel and performance insights with real-time data to identify trends and optimise your pricing and distribution strategy.

Channel and country mix analysis

Discover which geographies and booking channels are working the hardest for your property and bringing in the most revenue.

Know your pace

Benefit from the information you need to optimise your demand peaks and drive more business in the low season.

  • “We use the reports within SiteMinder to get a clear picture of our rates versus OTAs. They very obviously show me how my rates differ across all my sales channels and give me the chance to take action.”

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    Discover how your data can help you make better decisions.

    Learn how to get access to the right knowledge at the right time.

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    Boost your revenue with actionable insights.

    Empower yourself with information and stay one step ahead of your competition.

    Frequently asked questions about business intelligence in the hotel industry

    Business intelligence is important for modern hoteliers because it allows them to make decisions that are based on more accurate and up-to-date information. This is crucial in an environment that is becoming more fast-paced and dynamic. Hoteliers need to be able to make decisions, such as rate updates, quickly if they want to keep up with the competition and get their fair share of bookings. It’s also important for hoteliers who want to stay ahead of the curve, both to ensure their competition doesn’t leave them behind and to maximise the efficiency of their business.

    Using hotel business intelligence will allow you to be more dynamic and agile with the way you price and sell your hotel inventory. It lets you compare historical data with current data so you can easily compare performance, forecast accurately, and maximise your revenue opportunities. Looking at channel performance enables you to see cancellation rates, average lead times, lengths of stays and more. Business intelligence software will also allow you to track your local competitors and have visibility of your own rates at all times. This ensures you can always offer the right price to guests to maximise bookings and revenue.

    Business intelligence can be used by many sectors of the hospitality industry, from hotels and airlines to restaurants and tour operators. There are specific software solutions that will suit each business. For instance, there are dedicated business intelligence solutions for hotels such as SiteMinder Insights. Business intelligence tools will be used by the owner/operator of the hotel or a dedicated staff member such as a revenue manager or sales manager. However, platforms like SiteMinder are designed to combine sophisticated technology with simplicity and ease-of-use, making it easy for anyone to be trained on the features.

    Business intelligence in a hotel drives revenue by providing accurate, relevant, and timely data to the hotelier. This data will help identify market demand, competitor behaviour, booking performance and pace reports, and also offer rate visibility. With this data and analysis, the hotel can optimise its pricing to capitalise on local supply and demand fluctuations, resulting in maximised profit. This might include the hotel raising its rates to secure more revenue per booking, lowering rates to ensure a healthy booking volume (guests can then be incentivised to spend more on site), or creating packages and promotions to capture specific valued guest segments.

    Different tools focus on different things. Some are designed for every property and every user, others for more complex accommodation businesses. Some may specialise in revenue management, while others are strictly for food and beverage niches, have detailed customisation, or are the perfect fit for tracking your competition. Often, it’s best to look for business intelligence software that is part of a larger solution, so that its insights can be combined with other solutions to produce even more powerful and useful outcomes.

    SiteMinder offers hotel business intelligence solutions in the form of its Insights feature, which combines perfectly with SiteMinder’s channel manager to deliver tangible data that makes a difference to your bottom line. It’s the perfect solution for independent hotels and properties that want to win in their local market and optimise performance. Real-time insights based on the extensive booking data that SiteMinder is holding, is clearly presented for every hotelier. Additionally, through our extensive ecosystem of apps, systems and experts, a large number of revenue management systems and analytics solutions are also available to readily integrate with SiteMinder.