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Hotelogix & SiteMinder channel manager

Your guide to integration

Interested in using Hotelogix property management system at your hotel?

Hotelogix is a hotel software platform designed to simplify life for hoteliers hoping to manage their property in a more effective way.

This page will teach you all about Hotelogix and why it’s so important to integrate your property management system with a channel manager. Integration is a non-negotiable factor; your property needs a central control hub if you’re to operate it successfully. By converging your daily tasks and different departments you’ll be able to reduce errors, avoid duplicate data, and save hours of time every day.

Taking advantage of powerful channel managers really helps run your property smoothly. The best channel manager will ensure your rooms are selling and updating across channels and on the back-end automatically in real-time.

An industry leader like SiteMinder could be the perfect provider to use with Hotelogix.

What is Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a cloud-based property management system that seeks to be an all-in-one solution for hoteliers hoping to automate their operations, increase occupancy, and boost revenue.

Established more than 10 years ago and with customers in over 100 countries, Hotelogix will help properties simplify the day-to-day, maximise revenue, streamline housekeeping, increase connectivity, make informed decisions, and more!

Hotelogix can help both new and emerging hotels with its platform, including independents and groups.

Why choose Hotelogix?

Hotelogix’s front desk software will allow you to control your entire property from a central dashboard.

With this system you’ll have access to:

  • Single view dashboard
  • Reservation charts
  • Confirmation emails and guest communication
  • Staff management
  • Instant and automatic updates
  • One-click execution
  • Up-to-date room availability
  • Advanced connectivity and integration
  • Rate management
  • Package and extras creation
  • Auditing, reporting, and databasing

Hotelogix use cases and benefits

Hotelogix Frontdesk will help out in many use cases, giving you a number of administrative benefits.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Managing room allocation
    When a reservation is made, it automatically allocates the best available room to a guest by scanning through the available inventory.

  • Process payments
    Hotelogix supports all popular payment gateways meaning guests will never have trouble paying and you’ll be able to process your payments simply and quickly.

  • Track repeat clients
    Don’t worry about ever entering information twice, be it from guests, travel agents, or corporate customers. Hotelogix is able to pull out previous records whenever you need them. Just perform a simple search.

  • Make changes instantly
    Hotelogix front office management system offers quick operations using right clicks. Simplify complex tasks (e.g. room change requests), room upgrades, and payments. Just right-click on the reservation chart, drag and drop to modify bookings.

  • View booking snapshots anytime
    You can keep a close watch on the reservation chart and differentiate between bookings coming from your website, online travel agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and other sales party channels.

    Hotelogix reviews and pricing

    Hotelogix is ranked fourth in property management on Hotel Tech Report with an average score of 4.6/5. It is rated similarly on other reviews sites such as Capterra and Software Advice.

    Pros for Hotelogix revolve around the accuracy of the system, efficient staff and customer service, user friendly nature, and the range of reports.

    Cons that were mentioned included the need for more training manuals, better calendar functionality, and increased sophistication of the mobile app.

    When it comes to pricing, you can be priced as an independent property or multi property. Beyond this the price will range depending on what features of the entire Hotelogix platform you are seeking to implement. For the price of $3.99 per room per month you can acquire Hotelogix Frontdesk amongst a number of other features including housekeeping and a booking engine. This means if you have 20 rooms, you’ll pay about $80/month.

    For multi-properties, you’ll need to make a request to Hotelogix for pricing options.

    Hotelogix: Support and training

    Set-up and training on Hotelogix can be achieved through your free trial which runs for 15 days. There are no set-up fees, software costs, training costs, or technical support costs at this stage.

    Hotelogix is designed to be simple to self-learn. There are several ‘how to’ videos as well as around the clock support ready to assist. This ‘Live Help’ is included in the monthly subscription fee.

    For extra fees, customised and personalised training can also be provided online.

    Hotelogix integration with a channel manager

    It’s vital that the systems you apply to your hotel business are able to work together, to avoid errors, lost data, or the need to continue with clunky manual processes.

    It’s especially important when using Hotelogix with a channel manager.

    A channel manager is an essential tool that allows you to sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites at the same time. This includes your website, third-party channels, and social media pages. It will automatically update your availability in real-time on all sites when a booking is made, when you close a room to sale, or when you want to make bulk changes to your inventory.

    It’s a very valuable piece of technology that should save you plenty of time and stress when managing your distribution. You’ll be able to sell more rooms, optimise revenue generation, and experience significantly less double-bookings with a good channel manager provider.

    Integrating Hotelogix Frontdesk with a channel manager allows inventory, rates and reservations to be controlled directly from within the property management system. Through the interface, the PMS automatically pushes designated inventory, rates and availability to the connected channels, and reservations made through the channel are automatically sent to the PMS, with availability adjusted accordingly.

    Hotelogix & SiteMinder channel manager integration

    Hotelogix is amongst the top five PMS solutions in the world and SiteMinder possesses the world’s most powerful channel manager, so it makes a lot of sense to pair the products together. This will ensure your business has the best chance of success.

    Data which can be shared between SiteMinder and Hotelogix includes:

    • Inventory
    • Rates
    • Stop-sell Limit
    • Minimum stay
    • Close to arrival / Close to departure
    • Bookings – New, updates & cancellations
    • Payment details

    Using SiteMinder’s channel manager will build a link between WebRezPro and your hotel’s chosen booking channels. Two-way integration cuts down the cost of acquiring reservations substantially; for every reservation that is automatically populated, the hotel can then use that time to manage their guests effectively and spend more time on the overall guest experience.

    There are many other advantages of two-way integration, such as retaining revenue that would otherwise have been lost due to delayed cancellations, and increasing revenue by maximising online exposure with automated inventory and rate updates.

    If you decide Hotelogix is right for you, SiteMinder can be the perfect channel manager partner. Just like Hotelogix, SiteMinder is known for its advanced features and ease of use for customers. The two systems are already used in combination by many hotels around the world to optimise daily operations and increase property revenue, so it’s a proven partnership that will put your hotel ahead of the competition.

    Features include:

    • 400+ distribution channels
    • 300+ integrations
    • Automate exchange of rates, availability, and reservations
    • Eliminate manual updating of extranets
    • Advertise on an unlimited number of sites
    • Pooled inventory
    • Detailed performance reports
    • Showcase photos and room information
    • Min/max stays
    • Multiple currency and language
    • Single dashboard for visibility
    • And more!

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